Effax Leather Care Case Review

Effax Leather Care case

Investing in a good quality leather care kit is vital for keeping all your horsie tack and accessories looking as good as new. If you look at lots of the items your horse owns as well as some of your riding gear you will notice that there are a fair amount of leather products.

Leather requires a certain amount of specialist care in comparison to synthetic materials that just be easily wiped over. Leather can become very hard and stiff over time and the fact it often gets wet (as with saddles and bridles) can be particularly troublesome. Uncared for leather can crease and crack which can potentially be a safety hazard if a leather breaks.

Leather needs to be kept reasonably moist in order for it to stay supple and flexible and you will notice it can become very dry. Quite often tack will need to be reconditioned if it is not cared for properly. Having a good care plan and the right equipment in place can make all the difference. You will find that often the oldest of leather can look very new if it has been cared for efficiently.

Let’s take a look at this great little leather kit from Effax and check out all it has to offer.

Who is Effax?

Effax is a German company that provides a great range of products you can use to keep leather items in tip-top condition. There is very little that can be found about the company in general, but they are a name familiar to me personally and seem to be a very successful company based on the great reviews these products receive. All of the reputable equestrian online stores sell this brand and they have a solid following of happy customers. We’re never ones to rule out an unfamiliar brand and we base all our information on the products at hand.

Key Features of the Effax Leather Care Case

All in one place

The Effax Leather Care Case is a practical, easy to use, and convenient way to take care of all your leather needs. We love that this comes as a complete set as you don’t often find these types of products grouped together in one buy as you may do with grooming kits. This kit provides you with everything you need to start your leather care journey so you don’t need to sit there piecing together items individually.

Great for Shows

Going to shows and competitions can be stressful at the best of times. Tack and boots can often be clean when you leave home and get dirty of muddy unintentionally during transit which can be an absolute pain. This leather care kit is ideal to take with you in the horsebox to provide back up for any eventuality. It can be easily stored away and can be a lifesaver if you need to give your leather boots a quick once over before a class.

Polishing Cloth

Polishing leather after a good clean is an absolute must. Cleaning products such as soap can cause the leather to look dull and lifeless. This handy kit provides you with a polishing cloth to give your leather items a good once over for that freshly polished look. Many people forget the final polish, but with this complete kit, you’ll always be ready for the all-important finishing touches.


The great thing about this leather care kit is versatility. Not only does it include lots of great cleaning products, but it is also suitable for all your leather needs. It is a great cleaning tool for saddles and bridles, suitable for cleaning leather riding boots and gloves, but can also be used on any other leather items you have at home.

Good Value

We consider this to be a very good value product. The handy case provides you with all the items you need to clean leather and is packed with a good selection of products. If you were to buy all the items individually it would be much more costly so we give this a thumbs up for quantity and value for money.


Overall this is a very handy kit indeed. It can take care of all your horse’s tack as well as some of your own riding gear such as leather boots. We think this kit is a particularly good idea for those that travel to shows and competitions. You always want both you and your horse looking their absolute best on show day and this compact kit can conveniently be brought along with you to tidy up any mishaps, After all, even the cleanest of leather riding boots manage to miraculously find their way to the mud!

There is a multitude of items included in this kit to ensure you have everything at hand to keep your leather items looking spotlessly clean and gleaming. We think this is a very reasonable price for what you get in the case and it would be much more expensive to buy each item individually. We would consider this a real bargain!

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