Plaiting Up, 8 Top Accessories for Your Horse

plaiting up, accessories for the year ahead

Plaiting Up, 8 Top Accessories for Your Horse

There are a gazillion top plaiting up accessories on the market for your horse or pony. It’s hard to know which ones are the best, and in all honesty, this will truly depend on your experience at plaiting, the thickness of the mane or tail and how well the horse behaves.

We’ve helped narrow down your search by listing 8 top plaiting up accessories below.

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Plait It Up NAF bottle
Plait It Up NAF

NAF Plait it Up (and keep it tidy!)

A spray to be applied to the mane before to help prepare for perfect plaits. Keeps stray hairs at bay – buy it on Shop with Everything Horse.


Top Zop Plaiting Comb

Top Zop Plaiting Comb

We absolutely love this fantastic tool;the TopZop Plaiting Comb from LeMieux, you can effortlessly comb and clip your horse’s mane out the way while you skillfully band and plait it into place. The end of the comb provides an excellent place to store plaiting bands too (helps save your fingers!) Buy it on Amazon.

Lincoln Plaiting Kit with black bands and sewing threads. Also contains scissors and needles

Plaiting up Kit

Perfect for beginners in sewing, this compact kit contains all you need to plait, band or sew the main. It Contains: 3 x Wenzel Plaiting Thread, 1 x Plait Aid, 1 x Packet of Plaiting Bands, 1 x Plaiting Scissors and 5 x Needles. Choose from three stunning thread colors: black, brown, and white. Buy it on Shop with Everything Horse.

HKM Plaiting Bands pack of 20

HKM Crystal Plaiting Bands

We love these neat HKM Crystal Plaiting Bands! They add a touch of elegance and perfection to your horse’s mane. Designed to fit seamlessly over pre-made plaits, these bands are available in silver and gold colours. Each pack contains 20 bands, ensuring you have more than enough to achieve a stunning look. Buy them on Amazon.

Hy Equestrian plaiting Spray

HY Magic Hold Plaiting Spray

Another top plaiting spray! Streamline your plaiting process with the incredible HY Magic Hold Plaiting Spray. Suitable for use on both damp and dry manes, this spray leaves a non-greasy finish that guarantees quick and efficient plaiting. Once you’re done, simply brush it out effortlessly. Buy on Shop with Everything Horse.

Lincoln Plaiting Thread in brown, white and black

Lincoln Plaiting Thread

Elevate your plaiting game with the exquisite satin plaiting thread from Lincoln. Available in various lengths and captivating colors, this thread will enhance the beauty of your horse’s mane like never before. Buy on GS Equestrian.

Solokit - SoloComb, SoloRake and SoloBrush.


Chances are, before you get stuck into plaiting, you’ll be tidying those ends up and thinning out any heavier set areas of mane. The Solokit from Solocomb is a perfect set to have on hand for such times. The clip-on holster comes with a SoloComb, SoloRake and SoloBrush. Buy on Shop with Everything Horse.

Plaiting Bands

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your horse’s plaits. These wide silicone plaiting bands are crafted to prevent snapping. They are available in brown, black and white with 500 in per pack. Buy on Amazon.

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