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The Crystal System is a self-help system for riders, which unravels the mysteries surrounding that elusive ability to ride skilfully. 

The aim of the book is to give you the confidence to select the very best from your experiences and develop your own understanding of how to train your horse. 

Through questioning and exploration of what you do, the Crystal System will allow you to identify, develop and mould your own system of dressage training as your learning and experience grows.  This approach enables you to discover for yourself what it means to be able to ‘ride well’.

New Dressage book by Patricia Pitt - The Crystal System
Dressage book by Patricia Pitt – The Crystal System

I am a great believer that anyone can learn to ride well. This is a highly motivational, sometimes humorous, method of self-analysis that will add structure to your dressage training; written in an easy and understandable style. I believe that “simplicity is the key to brilliance”.

Patricia Pitt

The Crystal System is ideal for those who do not have regular access to a dressage trainer and who are keen to find their own system of training for themselves and their horse.


About Patricia Pitt

Patricia Pitt is an award-winning blogger (known as The Dressage Tipster) from Huntington, Staffordshire. From her time blogging, her dressage life and learning journey grew the ambition to put everything she has learned into a book. This book is now available as The Crystal System.

Find out more online at Like Crystal.


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