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Hi-viz gear is a must all year-round. In the summer, the bright lights cast shadows that, horse and rider can often be lost in creating poor visibility for motorists. In spring and autumn the low sun shining on wet roads makes it difficult for driver to see what’s directly ahead. With less in the way of daylight hours in the winter horses and riders are caught out riding in poor light, they may not set off in the dark but often can return to the stable yard.

There are so many more reasons why hi-viz gear isn’t just important in the winter. Weather conditions change dramatically from one day to the next especially in the UK. A good rule of thumb to go buy is; hacking out on the road? then wear hi-viz, simple. Make sure you get your chosen gear is in good working order, don’t be caught out, give motorists as much of a chance to see you as you can….

Products available on the market include the following;

For the Horse
> Waterproof exercise sheets
> Tail Guards
> Rein straps
> Leg wraps
> Brushing Boots
> Bridle straps
> LED flashing martingales
> LED flashing tail guards
> LED flashing tail lights

For the Rider
> Hat band
> Tabard
> Coat
> Gaiters
> Gloves (yes gloves!)
> Jodphurs with reflective strips (Mountain Horse have a good selection)
> LED Flashing wrist band
> Whip

….and so much more!

All products should include luminosity and reflective materials to optimise visibility! With so many innovative products to choose from, there really is no reason why riders shouldn’t be wearing hi-viz!

We recommend Amazon for a fantastic range of equestrian (and other sports) hi-viz gear!

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