Hi-Viz Gear – a must have all year round

hi-viz gear on rider stating young horse in training

Hi-viz gear is a must have for all year-round wear. Our article below takes a look at why it is so important to wear garments that not only reflect light but offer high flourescent properties, alongside what you can expect to find at the retailers.

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Why Wear Hi-Viz?

There are so many more reasons why hi-viz gear should be worn all year round. In the summer, the bright lights cast shadows causing poor visibility for motorists when approaching a horse and rider on the road. In the spring and autumn, low sun shines on wet roads making it difficult for the driver to see what’s directly ahead.

horse and rider wearing hi-viz gear in fluorescent yellow

Above: horse wears Equisafety Equisafety Polite Breathable Mesh Quarter Sheet available from GS Equestrian.


During the winter, weather conditions also change dramatically from one hour to the next, especially in the UK. From icy conditions to terrential downpours weather isn’t the only thing effecting visibility at this time of year. With daylight quickly dissapearing, it’s easy to be out hacking only to realise it’s going darker earlier than anticipated. If you’ve followed our points above, you’ll aready have your hi-viz gear on.

A good rule of thumb is to purchase hi-viz whenever you intend to use the road when not in a vehicle. This includes on horseback, when riding a bike or on foot.

Hi-viz Gear Types

For the Horse

There’s a whole host of must have hi-viz gar for the horse and it’s imperative to be mindful of the areas you choose. An exercise sheet, boots and fly bonnet are excellent places to start!

You can expect to find:
> Waterproof exercise sheets
> Tail Guards
> Rein straps
> Leg wraps
> Brushing Boots
> Bridle straps
> LED flashing martingales
> LED flashing tail guards
> LED flashing tail lights

For the Rider

Luckily, over recent years, hi-viz gear has become a lot more pleasant, versatile and comfortable to wear. The different types available have also allowed for a colour preference and of course to set off that ‘matchy matchy’ look.

hi-viz gear on rider stating young horse in training

Above: rider wears Horse in Training Air Waistcoat Yellow available from Naylors.

You can now expect to find:
> Hat band
> Tabard
> Coat
> Gaiters
> Gloves (yes gloves!)
> Jodphurs with reflective strips (Mountain Horse have a good selection)
> LED Flashing wrist band
> Whip

….and then some.

Saddle Pad Yellow with yellow binding

Above: EQUI-FLECTOR Saddle Pad Yellow available from Naylors.

All products should include luminosity and reflective materials to optimise visibility. With so many innovative products to choose from, there really is no reason why riders shouldn’t be wearing hi-viz.

Discover great Hi-Viz gear in our guide here.

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