Best Equestrian Active Wear

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Best Equestrian Active Wear

Discover the best equestrian active wear! When striving to get on top riding form, it may mean a balance of hitting the yard and the gym! So, we've hunted down the very best in horse riding active wear, which can be easily worn between the yard and gym.

*UPDATED 28/06/21

FitsT4 Women's Riding Tights

The FitsT4 riding tights are perfect for the on-the-go rider. Four-way stretch fabric wicks moisture to keep your skin dry. Meanwhile, an Eco Suede knee patches on leg provide durability and hold, enhancing your connection in the saddle. The lightweight, breathable material offers flexibility and freedom of movement - perfect for any form of exercise. Additional features include an inner pocket sized to hold small items and cool mesh side panels for added ventilation.

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Ariat Women's Athletic Shirt

 The Ariat Women's Athletic Shirt is great for riding and any other exercise alike!

This lightweight, pull on t-shirt is smart and functional, with a v-neck and contrasting logo design. Made from 100% polyester, it is famed for it's breathable properties, plus can easily be washed after a hard days work! The versatility of this shirt will mean you'll never want to take it off!

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Shires Aubrion Team Long Sleeve Base Layer

The Shires Aubrion Team Long Sleeve Base Layer is a warm but lightweight - perfect for layering. The elastic material, close cut and fleecy soft inner make for the perfect fit for every outdoor activity - from mucking out to hiking! A riding and active wear essential, you can pop this shirt under a thick coat or add over a t-shirt without the fear of restricted movement!

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Rider Active Wear - Equetech Anti-Bounce Bra

Equetech Anti-Bounce Bra

The Equetech Anti-Bounce Bra is perfect for those who find their chest causing a point of discomfort during exercise. Designed for the larger bust, with fully lined support panels for maximum comfort during riding and other high-pace exercise, it offers support, comfort and breathability, all-in-one!

Features of the Anti-Bounce Bra include an ultra-supportive wide band around the rib-cage, advanced fabric which allows air to circulate whilst wicking away moisture and a half zip to the front for ease of use.

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