A Beginner’s Guide to the 2020 Royal Ascot

2020 Royal Ascot. Steve F / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)

You’d be hard-pressed to find an event more prestigious than the Royal Ascot. It is an amalgamation of history, culture, and tradition that gathers people from all over the world for a five-day celebration that consists of delicious food and wine, riveting races, and the chance to be a part of a century-old tradition.

Considering this celebration is all about grandeur and prestige, some may find it rather intimidating. Couple this with the fact that horse racing isn’t the easiest thing to get into, and you’ve got the perfect recipe to dissuade new attendees. Luckily, we’ve compiled a quick beginner’s guide to the 2020 Royal Ascot. Read on to learn more about what you need to know to enjoy this year’s festivities.

Don’t Miss Tuesday

Often considered the best day for racing purists, there’s nothing like watching the best of the best race. The reason for this is the three Group 1 contests that happen on that day: The Queen Anne Stakes, King’s Stand Stakes and St James’s Palace Stakes.

The Queen Anne Stakes is a particularly interesting race to watch as its £600,000 purse garners a lot of attention. Not to mention the legends that have been created due to this race. For example, the legendary racehorse Frankel solidified his place as one of the greatest ever after his win in 2012. Indeed, it is the stories that turn into legends that make the Royal Ascot one of the world’s most prestigious events — and it is these stories that you certainly don’t want to miss out on, as you could be there to witness the birth of a new legend.


Ladies Day

However, it’s not all about the horse races. Despite it being the day for the Gold Cup, which is the biggest race of the year, this day is also known for another thing. An article on Ascot by Gala Bingo, highlights how Ladies’ Day is also about showing off your sense of style and dressing to impress. Because of this, Ladies’ Day attracts A-list celebrities and members of the Royal Family alike, making Ladies’ Day one of the busiest days of the five-day celebration.

However, due to the strict dress code at the Queen Anne Enclosure, attendees have to be a little more creative. The BBC’s article on last year’s Ladies’ Day fully captures this creativity in action, as attendees brought out their best and most unique hats to the celebration. And if last year was any indication of how good the event will be, then this year’s iteration of Ladies’ Day truly should not be missed.

The Enclosures

Speaking of enclosures, the celebration is divided into three main areas: the Queen Anne Enclosure, the Windsor Enclosure, and the Village Enclosure. And while there are a total of four enclosures, the Royal Enclosure is reserved for the Royal Family and guests of their choosing.

The Queen Anne Enclosure is the most prestigious of the public enclosures. This is why it enforces a more formal dress code. It comes with lavish choices of food and drink and the best view of the Royal Procession. The Windsor Enclosure offers a more laid-back experience. There’s no formal dress code and attendees can enjoy live music throughout the entire day. Lastly, the Village Enclosure is the newest addition as it opened back in 2017 and gives attendees the best of both worlds. While still maintaining a dress code it is less formal than that of the Queen Anne Enclosure. It offers a more casual atmosphere with a bar and DJs, most likely an attempt to tap into a younger market.

With 2020 just beginning this should be another great year for horse riders and spectators alike. Do follow us as we cover all the biggest events.

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