Fly Spray Feature – Is Your Horse Covered?

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Fly Spray Feature - Is Your Horse Covered?

Fly Spray Feature - Everything Horse Magazine

Come sun or rain horses of all breed and type are susceptible to flies. As summer conditions worsen throughout the UK, and the sun is replaced with clouds and rain, it's still just as important to protect your horses against flies. The minute the sun does shine, you can be sure the flies will be back in reach of our four-legged friends.

Here, we take a look at the different type of fly protection available aside from fly rugs. If you didn't catch our fly rug feature last week, pop on over for a look at the different types of rugs available to help protect your horse.

Fly Spray

Fly Spray Carr Day Martin

Carr & Day & Martin Equimist Fly Guard

Provides instant, long lasting protection with easy-to-apply continuous spray motion. Ideal for horses that are nervous of sprays as one pump will produce a substantial amount of mist (coverage). Also contains added coat conditioner for a shiny, smooth coat.

Key ingredients: Oil of citronella, cedarwood, wormwood oil

Size: 600ml

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Expect to pay: £11.70+

Visit Carr & Day & Martin for more information

Horse and Pony Direct Insect Away

Horse and Pony Direct Insect Away contains DEET and keeps flies, horseflies, gnats and other biting insects away for up to 12 hours. The powerful formula contains tea tree oil, making it kind to skin and it comes in a convenient trigger spray which is a perfect size for everyday use

Key ingredients: DEET and tea tree oil

Size: 500ml

RRP: £6.99

Visit Horse and Pony Direct for more information 

Fly-Away New 'Max Strength' Fly Repellent

A new triple strength 100% natural fly repellent, enhancing the coats natural shine and remaining invisible upon application. Contains citronella oil. HSE approved as safe and effective, and containing no FEI listed banned substances. 'Max Strength' gives the ultimate protection against all flying and biting insects also aiding itch related problems.

Key ingredients: Citronella oil

Size: 500ml

RRP: £12.49

Visit Fly-Away for more information

Fly Gel

Equimins Fly Repellent Gel 3535

Fly Repellent Gel 3535 is an effective, long lasting fly repellent that can be used on horses and other animals. The powerful gel contains 15% ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate (also known as IR3535) that helps to repel biting insects including midges and mosquitoes and, during trials, proved to be more effective and longer lasting.

Key ingredients: IR3535

Size: 50g travel size or 500g

RRP: £2.99 50g / £14.65 500g 

Visit Equimins for more information

Fly-Away 'Max Strength' Fly Gel

Max strength Fly & Midge Gel is based on our Max Strength fly repellent for use on horses who do not like the noise of the trigger sprays and for those hard to reach areas. . Tried and trusted by 1000's since Max strength fly repellent spray was launched. Gel Formula for those hard to reach areas 100% natural and proven effectiveness Contains essential oils to condition the coat Helps stop the need to rub

Key ingredients: Essential Oils

Size: 500ml

RRP: £11.99

Visit Fly-Away for more information

Lincoln Fly Repellent Gel

Non spray application ideal for horses that don’t like sprays. Convenient for localised application. Contains the well established powerful fly repellent DEET in a convenient to use gel. Won’t run off. Contains additional moisturising agents. Pleasant fragrance. 

Key ingredients: DEET, moisturising agents

Size: 400g

Expect to pay around £8.00+

Visit Lincoln for more information


Global Herbs FlyFree

FlyFree provides a traditional, unique and powerful way to help horses tolerate flies. The plants in FlyFree are digested and their scents pass through to the skin where they make life much more comfortable for your horse by discouraging flies and maintaining healthy skin. Gone are the days when all the choice you have is to use sprays and chemicals!

Key ingredients: Turmeric, Cedar tree, Garlic, Long Pepper

Size: 500g/1kg/5kg

RRP: 500kg £14.00 / 1kg £25.50 / 5kg £114.50 

Visit Global Herbs for more information


Garlic Horslyx

Garlic Horslyx contains optimum amounts of pure garlic oil, together with high specification vitamin, mineral and trace elements. Feeding garlic as a fly repellent is not a new idea and works because high sulphur compounds in garlic are released through the skin via natural body secretions such as sweat, producing an invisible barrier that flies find repellent. An independent research study concludes that Garlic Horslyx helped alleviate irritation caused by sweet itch. Click here for the full details.

Key ingredients: Pure garlic oil, vitamins and minerals

Size: 650kg /5kg /15kg (larger sizes available)

Expect to pay around £13.00 for 5kg

Visit Horslyx for more information

Sentemol MT-Trap

The MT-Trap is the new portable solution to control horseflies. It can be used on its own at home, around the yard and at competitions to help keep horseflies away. The trap uses the horsefly’s own instincts against it. The black ball in the centre absorbs and then emits the sun’s heat and makes the horsefly think that the ball is a warm blooded animal. The horsefly lands on the ball but, when she’s unable to feed from it, she flies up and away, only to be guided into a collection chamber via the funnel shaped cover over the ball. This clever trap is chemical free and can be used year on year to help keep horseflies away by catching them, and reducing populations as the female is caught.

RRP £60.00

Visit Horse Fly Trap for more information 

By displaying these products Everything Horse, in no way, endorses, recommends or can guarantee complete fly protection.

If you are in any doubt over your horse's health Everything Horse strongly recommends you seek advice from a registered veterinarian.

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