Equisafety 15MPH Hi-Viz Waistcoat Review

Equisafety 15MPH Hi-Viz Waistcoat

Equisafety 15MPH Hi-Viz Waistcoat Review

Equisafety 15mph Hi-Viz waistcoat is available to buy now!

Equisafety have launched their latest Hi-Viz waistcoat with a new slogan ‘Please Pass Wide & Slow’ along with a 15 (mph) circle, printed on the reverse. Following on from the Equisafety ‘Polite Please Slow Down’ waistcoat, the new slogan aims to grab motorists attention asking to pass using a safe distance at a reasonable speed.

Equisafety sent Everything Horse a waistcoat with the new slogan on for review. Here’s what we had to say;

The waistcoat is breathable, lightweight and comfortable to wear. With a mix of reflective strips and illuminous material the waistcoat is easily seen from a good distance, in a variety of weather conditions.


Sun, rain, snow and other seasonal weather conditions all effect driver visibility, Hi-Viz should be worn when venturing onto the road whether it be by foot, bike or horse!

The number 15, printed in a circle on the reverse, is to help educate motorists on a recommended, safe speed to pass. The traditional ‘Please Pass Wide & Slow’ text compliments this by politely asking the road users to think about safety before they overtake. When the waistcoat was road tested, we did notice drivers passing at a consistently slower speed than before.

Equisafety 15MPH Hi-Viz Waistcoat
Equisafety 15MPH Hi-Viz Waistcoat


The adjustable Velcro straps and elasticated sides mean riders are able to wear a number of garments underneath, without adding resistance to fit.


The waistcoat is very lightweight, you barely notice you have it on. The durable zip up front along with zip pockets adds extra security helping prevent the front panels from moving around (or flapping if you prefer).

Multi Purpose

Designed to be used in a variety of situations, this Hi-Viz garment isn’t just for use when hacking out. Hi-Viz is as important when your riding as it is when you’re on foot or cycling on the road. The Please Pass Wide & Slowly 15 (MPH) slogan is a good warning for motorists to still be considerate when you’re having to use the road for other purposes.



The zip pockets are huge! There’s plenty of space to add a phone, hoof pick and a set of keys, and there’s two to use!

Sizes: Small – chest 30-34″, Medium – chest 34-36″, Large – chest 36-38″, XL – chest 38-40″ & XXL – chest 40-42″

Colours: Pink/Black OR Yellow/Black

RRP: £24.99

For more information please visit www.highvisibility.uk.com

We hope you have found this review useful, and remember, when a motorist does pass courteously please remember to say thank you.


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