Tithebarn takes on the role of UKTI Export Champion 2016!

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Tithebarn takes on the role of UKTI Export Champion 2016!

Tithebarn, the company that makes the Rockies range of mineralised salt licks for horses and livestock, is delighted to announce that it has been recruited as a UKTI Export Champion for the North West.


“We’re honoured and privileged to be part of this,” says Jeremy Sample, Sales Director of Tithebarn. “We were selected due to our success exporting our products globally. As part of the Export Champion initiative, our expertise in relation to exporting is used to help other companies in the North West export their products overseas. We’re looking forward to the challenge and working with local businesses of all shapes and sizes.”


Founded in 1935, the business is located in Cheshire, on top of the UK’s most productive salt field, which just so happens to be the main ingredient in the vast majority of Rockies licks. Due to the location, the salt is delivered to Tithebarn within three hours of extraction, ensuring that the freshest ingredients are used in the hard pressed blocks that supplement the diets of livestock and horses all over the world. Although a number of blocks are available, the UK manufacturing plant allows bespoke formulations to be created as needed, to suit different climates and different needs. Today, Tithebarn exports its Rockies licks to over 50 countries.

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For more information visit www.saltlicks.co.uk. To find out more about Rockies and the range of mineralised salt licks available for horses and livestock, see www.rockies.co.uk.

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Author: Suzanne Ashton Founder, Everything Horse email: sashton@everythinghorseuk.co.uk

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