Choosing The Right Stable Rug

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Choosing The Right Stable Rug

Stables can often be a draughty place for your horse, especially through the winter months; therefore, it is important to keep your horse well wrapped up in a top stable rug that is durable and comfortable.

Stable rugs are required to keep your horse neat, tidy and warm throughout the colder weather, the fabric should be breathable and the rug should be well fitted to ensure your horse is comfortable. There are three different weights available depending on your horses needs and breed: lightweight, medium weight and heavy weight. This will depend on the weather, as we know British weather can often be unpredictable, it is best to prepare for all eventualities.

stable rug - Masta Regal 425 Stable Rug
Stable Rug – Masta Regal 425 Stable Rug

Is he the right temperature?

You should look to regulate your horse’s temperature with a quality stable rug that you can get from There are a few ways to tell if your horse is having an adverse reaction to the weather; if he is too cold, his ears will be cold to touch and any exposed hair will stand on end. Your horse will also be stood rigid and there may be a noticeable shiver along with a clamped down tail. Whilst a horse that is too hot in his stable rug will be visibly sweating, appear restless and have heavy breathing.


Fitted Stable Rug

If your horse’s stable rug does not fit properly, it can cause health and safety issues; it should fit as comfortably, safely and securely as possible. An ill-fitting rug can cause rubbing on pressure points, which may cause long-term damage to your horse.

Ensure you measure your horse properly before you make a purchase, and look for a stable rug that is easy to secure and unbuckle. While advancements in the design and technology of stable rugs have come a long way—many rugs come with special anti-rub lining and breathable fabric—there should be no impulse buys when it comes to your horse’s health during the colder months.

Stable Rug - Shires Tempest 300 Stable Combo
Shires Tempest 300 Stable Combo

Your horse should be able to move freely and the stable rug should be breathable; a good quality stable rug will enable your horse’s skin and coat to remain shiny and in good condition for when you begin to regularly ride and turn him out again in the spring.

Provide your horse with the kindness and care it deserves with a brand name you can trust from Robinsons Equestrian; from Requisite to Shires and Masta, there are a range of stable rugs in designs that will please the eye and keep your horse safe and secure this winter.

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