British Riding Clubs Announce Rewards For Members Competing In British Showjumping

British Riding Clubs Announce Rewards For Members Competing In British Showjumping
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British Riding Clubs Announce Rewards For Members Competing In British Showjumping

The British Riding Club (BRC) have announced they will begin rewarding their members who are competing in British Showjumping (BS) competitions.

The BRC want to start rewarding and acknowledging the success of their members in the sport, as they launch two annual leagues with BS. They annual leagues will be displayed on the BS website, as of 1st April 2019. The league is set to highlight those who are members of both the BRC and BS, and sit in either BS Bronze or Silver leagues.

The collaboration stems from efforts to sustain senior membership to the BRC body. The BRC recognise the need for increased incentives around their membership. Currently members can apply for discounted membership to BS, for themselves and their horse. They can also take part in BRC training, competitions and championships. Although, training and competition is not afflicted to internationally recognised bodies, such as BS. However, the further progression of the BRC and BS partnership provides an opportunity to receive recognition from increasing International partners.

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Those placed on the BRC National BS Leagues can expect deserved recognition from the body, as well as prizes. It also provides riders the unique chance to represent their riding club and area, alongside building their BS record.

On the collaboration announcement, National Director of Sport at BS, Justine Naylor declared;


We are delighted BRC are recognising the success of their members in this way, it is a great way to celebrate the achievements of cross-discipline participants.  With Bronze League classes starting at 70cm through to 1.10m there are many opportunities for their members to compete with us and for them to make use of the training programmes we deliver via our Academy framework”.

Current BRC members who have joined BS can apply for a discounted rate, for both horse and rider. Existing members of BS who wish to be included in the BRC League will need to inform BS, stating their BRC Membership number. 


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