Whitaker VX2 Review

Whittaker VX2 Review

If you are in the market currently for a new riding helmet the Whitaker VX2 could be a great option for you. Let’s explore this helmet further and look into some of its key features.

A new riding hat purchase for any equestrian is an exciting prospect, right? We think so too and we were super excited to have the opportunity to test out the Whitaker VX2 riding helmet.  It’s an important piece of riding kit that will help protect your head from injury and trauma should you happen to take a fall. No-one likes the idea of falling off, but the reality is, it does happen, and wearing safety gear is a necessary part of riding.

Although good riding helmets should in theory last quite a long time, they certainly don’t last forever. The average lifespan of a riding helmet is about 5 years, however, if you have taken a few knocks it may be advisable to replace your helmet. The inner structure of the helmet can be damaged without you realizing and is therefore flawed to a degree.

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Who are the Whitaker’s?

The Whitaker range was founded by international UK based showjumper and horse producer John Whitaker. John runs his competition yard in West Yorkshire and has branched out into the retail sector to provide premium equestrian products at very reasonable prices. John and his family are somewhat celebrities on the equestrian circuit and this brand receives a huge following as a result of that.

Key Features of the Whitaker VX2

Dial-to-Fit system

The Whitaker VX2 is designed with a dial-to-fit system which is a handy feature that allows you to adjust your helmet to achieve the perfect fit. It’s important that riding helmets fit snugly to allow the safety features to work sufficiently. Having the perfect fit also contributes to the comfort factor for you whilst you are riding.

John Whitaker VX2
John Whitaker VX2

3 Vent System

Ventilation is a must for riding helmets. There’s no doubt about it, riding can be a hot and sweaty sport and the airflow through your helmet helps to keep your head cool and dry. This helmet provides both a 3 front ventilation system leaving you as cool as a cucumber.


The coolmax lining in this hat is also a very practical feature that allows extra protection for your head as well as being an additional cooling feature. This works to wick away sweat which helps to keep you comfortable and dry. The lining also fully machine washable for added convenience. We like that the lining isn’t too thick on this hat which is particularly helpful during the hotter months.

Fixed Peak

Many riding hats still have fixed peaks which we can’t help but continue to think is a bit dangerous if you were to fall face down. The Whitaker VX2 is made with a bounce-back peak which would be fully flexible should you decide to plant yourself face down.


We were surprised to see the cost of this hat. We thought it would be quite expensive due to the celebrity name and branding. It seems Mr. Whitaker wants his hats to be accessible to all and we certainly can’t complain about that. When comparing quality vs cost vs other riding hats on the market we would say this a very reasonably priced product.


The Whitaker VX2 was a hat we had been looking to review for a while and it definitely lived up to what we were hoping for. There aren’t many unique features to this hat, but we would describe this as a good all-round medium level option. We like the price and the coolmax lining in addition to the 3 vent system gets the thumbs up from us!

Where to buy:

The Whitaker VX2 is available online from:

VioVet and GS Equestrian

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