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Let’s take a closer look at what’s included in the Blue Chip Dynamic Joint and Bone Supplement and how it may be helpful for your equine friend.

Horse’s that require a joint supplement is also quite often in need of a bone support supplement too. Conditions such as arthritis can affect both the bones and joints. This can often mean using 2 different types of supplements. Many older horses suffer arthritic symptoms that can be painful and restrict movement.

Younger horses are not exempt and commonly suffer joint problems, arthritis, and Osteoarthritis due to heavy workload or the type of work they carry out such as regular competing. Stiffness, lack of mobility, and suppleness generally lead to an unhappy horse who cannot fill their true potential.

Bone and Joint supplements are an important addition to your horse’s diet. They not only prevent current symptoms, but can help prevent deterioration of the joints. Blue Chip has created an excellent supplement which combines both support for the joints as well as the bones effectively tackling both issue in one hit.

Who is Blue Chip?

Blue Chip is one of the most trusted and recognized equine feed and supplement brands in the UK and was founded by Clare Blaskey in 1996. Clare named the brand after her horse ‘Blue Chip’. She aimed to find a much better way of feeding horses and ponies after working at many other feed companies.

Blue Chip ultimately wants to bring equine products to the market that really make a difference to horses and ponies, helping them to live longer, healthier and active lives. They are extremely passionate about feed balancers and supplements and are always looking at ways to improve products and bring new ones to the market.

Ingredients in Blue Chip Dynamic

Blue Chip Dynamic is made with only natural minerals. These minerals are attached to proteins that allow for much better absorption and therefore is better utilized by your horse. The company aims to minimalize the formula by only including tried and tested ingredients that really do make a difference.

Glucosamine HCL                                                                                                                               

Glucosamine is quite possibly the number one ingredient in any bone and joint supplement. You will be hard pushed to find a product of this nature that does not have this included. It has some amazing soothing effects which are an ideal solution for horses that are in pain from bones and joints. This has also been proven to help arthritic symptoms. With lubricating properties it acts as a shock absorber to cushion the joints during exercise. This keeps the bones and joints well hydrated and reduces friction.

Organic MSM

MSM is often known as Methyl-sulphonyl-methane and is a powerful ingredient when coupled together with Glucosamine. You will not often find one ingredient without the other as MSM is not so effective on its own. The Blue Chip Dynamic has included ‘organic’ MSM meaning it is bioavailable and provides the building blocks for protein, vital for tendon and ligament repair. Sufficient protein intake is vital for cartilage formation and is a great aid for muscle recovery and promoting circulation.


Blue Chip Dynamic is made up of 3 key essential oils, evening primrose, linseed, and soya. Evening primrose is quite possibly the best source of Omega 6 for horses and ponies. It generally aids a horse’s reaction to recovery. Linseed and soya oils are both vegetable sources that are known as Omega 3’s. These are great for allowing your horse’s digestive system to work correctly. Omega Fatty Acids are very important ingredients to include in joint supplements as they have fantastic lubricating properties that keep bones and joints sufficiently hydrated. This helps to keep your horse supple and flexible whilst aiding in the free movement of the limbs.


Herbs are a great addition natural addition to any bone and joint supplement and the Blue Chip Dynamic hasn’t missed a trick with this formula. The herb ‘yucca’ has been included as a rich source of saponins that helps to nourish the joints. Native Americans have used this herb for decades for their horse’s joint care. Who are we to question this very tried and tested ingredient? We think this is a great inclusion in an already very successful ingredient list.


Overall, the Blue Chip Dynamic Bone and Joint Supplement has a great choice of ingredients that have been scientifically proven to work well.

We love that this supplement covers both the joints and bones. Any issues of this nature usually come hand in hand so this is a big plus. Having to buy multiple supplements is not ideal and the Blue Chip Dynamic helps support both joints and bones all in one go.

This supplement is available in a huge bag 15kg bag and is very economical on cost. We would go as far as to say this is a bargain buy considering this is such a well-known trusted brand that you may expect to be on the expensive side. This definitely gets the big thumbs up from us!

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