Victoria Bax – Blog, Horses Back to Work!

Victoria Bax - Frankie Schooling

Victoria Bax – Blog, Horses Back to Work!

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Victoria Bax “After 3 weeks off for the young girls and 6 weeks off for my main man, they are all now feeling refreshed, are raring to go and back in work.


As they have all spent time in the field during their time off, none of them have lost too much fitness at all, in fact

Victoria Bax - Clean and dry boots after all that mud & water
Victoria Bax – Clean and dry boots after all that mud & water

quite the opposite!  Nonetheless l spent the first week with all of them just walking out hacking (Thank goodness for my Golly Galoshes for helping to keep all legs and boots clean and dry!) During the second week I introduced some trot work and by the third week both the girls have started cantering.  Tilly, my grey has been rather outspoken and difficult so I don’t think she really needed three weeks off! Hacking has been rather lively and flat schooling work has been,….hmmmm interesting!  Still she seems to be getting back on track now which I am pleased with.


Milli, my other young one had a trip to the vets recently to check out a slight intermittent unevenness in her step, which I have been concerned about.  Originally my vet suspected some close vertebrae which I was obviously worried about, but thankfully X-rays ruled that out and it was back to the drawing board.  Examination of her quarters including a pair of step ladders and an ultra sound identified a previous injury in that area which would account for the uneven steps I have been encountering.  This has now been medicated and with continued developmental work she should make a 100% improvement and be ready for next season.  In addition to this, I have been using the arc equine system regularly too in assistance to the muscle repair.


Crysto has been very well behaved during his walking week, so will continue with a fairly relaxed return to full work.

My youngest, Frankie has been working very nicely indeed.  I have really stepped up his work over the last month.  I set up quite a daunting and complicated pole work exercise one day which he has certainly never seen before and without any hesitation he nailed it the very first time he encountered it.Now, if that is not smart, I don’t know what is!

Victoria Bax - Frankie Schooling
Victoria Bax – Frankie Schooling


Lessons and clinics have been keeping me busy too and have been very well supported by my many clients.  I have a couple more of these booked this year and then another four planned for the start of next year.

I have also had a schooling livery in for a couple of weeks, which gave me a nice change of horse and new objectives to work on.  Her owner collected her last night after having a sit on herself and she was very pleased with the improvement in her over the last couple of weeks.


I will be arranging training for myself and my horses over the next few weeks, so my training can really start for 2016 and I can’t wait!


Hopefully the weather will continue to be nice and mild and with minimal rain so riding and teaching can continue as normal!


As this is my last blog of 2015 – I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and look forward to catching up with you all in 2016!”



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