Top Tips on Grassland Management for the Horse

Grassland management for the horse - Valegro enjoying some well earned grazing time.

Top Tips on Grassland Management for the Horse

Wanting to get a headstart on grassland management for the horse so you’re able to make the most out of the grazing space you’ve? Then here’s a great piece on how to best prepare…

Grazing is as important today, for a horse’s diet, as it ever has been.  Turnout provides exercise and heightens well-being at the same time as providing a huge amount of nutritional goodness.

Here grassland expert, Jonathan Cox from Suregrow, gives his top tips on grassland management over the winter, for optimum results in the spring/summer.

Jonathan’s Top Tips on grassland management for the horse

  • Preparation is key, get it right then any maintenance and upkeep of your paddock is easy.
  • Year round paddock maintenance is crucial, the more you look after your paddocks, the better they will be.
  • Make sure your paddocks don’t get over grazed. Regularly rotate your fields to give the grass time to rest. This will help to maintain grass throughout the winter and avoid the paddock turning into soil and mud.
  • When spring approaches and the paddocks start to dry, you can begin harrowing them, this is a great way to promote new grass growth.
  • Rolling will level out the grassland and restore paddocks that have had a hard winter. It is best to roll when the ground is damp.
  • To replace the nutrients lost over winter, you must add fertiliser. This will encourage grass growth and replenish your grassland. Suregrow Fertiliser is the only product in the UK which can be spread without relocating your horse.”

Suregrow products include Suregrow Fertiliser, CSM, Paddock Grass Seed Mix, Fast Grass, Meadow and Laminitics Grass Mix. For more information on Suregrow visit


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