Stable Bandages

stable bandages for horses

Stable Bandages for Horses

Stable bandages can be used on all four legs of the horse for various reasons. Traditionally, if one leg is bandaged it is recommended for the opposite leg to be bandaged if not all four.

They may be used for the following reasons;

  • Holding gamgee in place when the horse is injured
  • Support for the legs to prevent ‘filling’ due to extended periods of stabling or for general periods of stabling for an older/less mobile horse
  • Support for internal tendon/ligament injuries
  • To protect the horse’s legs when restless

Tradiontionally, the bandage is applied from just below the knee down to the coronet band, covering the heel over a piece of gamgee or other similar material. The bandage needs to be consistent in pressure throughout the area of application and should be free from any lumps to prevent uneven pressure build up and rubbing.

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Knitted Stable Bandages from Shires

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HY Stable Bandages

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