Top 10 Horse Riding Schools in London

top horse riding schools London

Horseback riding is probably one of the most fun and beneficial sports out there, for both adults and kids. It provides physical as well as mental health benefits, problem-solving skills, and boosts self-confidence. Not to mention, it’s so much fun! I mean, who doesn’t want to spend time with an adorable horse?

When starting out or re-learning horse riding, it’s a good idea to join a training school. Not only will you be taught to professionally commandeer these majestic beasts, but you will also have the opportunity to take part in events and even make some friends!

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There are a lot of horse riding school options available though— it can be quite difficult to figure out which one will best suit you. In this article, we compiled a list of the 10 best horse riding schools in London, so take a peek and see which one tickles your fancy!

1. Dulwich Riding School

Dulwich Riding School
Dulwich Riding School

Founded in 1961 by an expert horseman named James Thomas Bellman. The school have successfully kept the riding heritage of London alive for over 50 years by passing on the knowledge to generation after generation. They cater to adults and children from ages six and up.

The school offers flatwork, general riding and jumping lessons, either private or group sessions. You can also rent out the venue to host birthday parties.

Address: Dulwich Common, Dulwich, London SE21 7EX

2. Hyde Park Stables

 Hyde Park Stables
Image source: Hyde Park Stables website

One of the most famous and oldest horse riding stables in central London, they have been operating for a shocking 300 years! A dedicated group with a high standard in horse riding that offers their services for adults and children from 4 years and older.

They offer once-off rides for visitors that want to experience Hyde Park while galloping on a stunning horse. They offer services for visitors who wish to improve their horse riding ability, those who wish to re-learn their skills after a hiatus, and regulars who want to learn from scratch.

Address: 63 Bathurst Mews, London W2 2SB

3. Lee Valley Riding Centre

Lee Valley Riding Centre
Image source: Lee Valley Riding Centre website

The centre is British Horse Society Approved and offers top-quality tuition and excellent equestrian facilities.

They offer riding courses for adults and children, including a wide range of kids activities for all ages, and riding lessons for school groups.

Address: 71 Lea Bridge Road, London E10 7QL

4. Ealing Riding School

Ealing Riding School
Image source: Ealing Riding School website

A friendly group of experts who are dedicated to creating a warm learning atmosphere for visitors and riders. Nervous about riding? With the school’s safe horses and sympathetic instructors, they are more than able to teach nervous riders and even help build confidence.

They offer bookings for lessons that can be made online, a range of packages for riding lessons (of different ages), and packages for hosting birthday parties. Boots and hats can also be hired for free.

Address: 17-19 Gunnersbury Avenue, Ealing W5 3XD

5. Stag Lodge Stables

Stag Lodge Stables
Image source: Stag Lodge Stables website

Located close to the scenic Richmond Park and Wimbledon common, stag lodge is one of the largest pony clubs in the UK and British horse society approved. With a wide selection of horses, they guarantee satisfaction for all clients. They offer horse riding lessons for adults and children above the age of three.

They offer full horse riding programs and courses, pony week courses, and a pony club centre where they hold carefully planned events and activities.


Stag Lodge 1: Robin Hood Gate, Richmond Park, London SW15 3RS

Stag Lodge 2: 197 Robin Hood Way, London SW20 0AA

6. Ross Nye Stables

Ross Nye Stables
Image source: Ross Nye Stables website

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”- Winston Churchill, a quote often seen being used by the school.

Established in 1965 by Ross Nye, Ross Nye stables is one of the longest-standing establishments to offer horse riding in Central London. They offer riding lessons for adults and kids from up to the ages of six.

They offer bucket list hacks around Hyde Park, which includes Rotten Row and riding lessons for all levels of experience. They also have a riding club as well as a pony club.

Address: 8 Bathurst Mews, London W2 2SB

7. The London Equestrian Centre

The London Equestrian Centre
Image source: The London Equestrian Centre website

A family-run business that is highly commended by the British Horse Society, the centre prides itself on its welcoming and friendly environment. They offer lessons for adults, and children from the ages of four years, with a special activity for children at the age of three.

They offer group or individual riding lessons, 15-minute ‘Tiny Tot’ rides strictly for 3-year-olds, and there’s a cafe on site.

Address: Lullington Garth, London N12 7BP

8. Wimbledon Village Stables

8. Wimbledon Village Stables
Image source: Wimbledon Village Stables website

A multi-award-winning Member’s Riding Club located in the heart of Wimbledon Village. The school provides its clients with the opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the scenic country view of Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park, with its wildlife. They cater mostly to adults.

They offer horse riding training, membership opportunities as well as non-membership opportunities (When they have availability). They have a horse simulator called EQUICISE to be used as a training aid and where children at the age of four and upwards can get a taste of riding. How cool is that!

Address: 24 a/b High Street, Wimbledon SW19 5DX

9. Lower Morden Equestrian Centre

Lower Morden Equestrian Centre
Image source: Lower Morden Equestrian Centre website

A friendly and quiet horse riding school and livery. The owners actually live on-site, so expert help is always available when required! Riding lessons are catered to adults and children from the ages of six.

They offer 15-minute walkouts for adults and children, a full or part stables livery catered to the needs of the horse, and short pony rides for the little ones.

Address: Green Lane (Off Garth Road), Lower Morden, Surrey SM4 4AS

10. Docklands Equestrian Centre

Docklands Equestrian Centre Website
Image source: Docklands Equestrian Centre website

Owned and operated by the UK registered charity, Newham Riding School & Association Ltd, they are a BHS & RDA affiliated and a ABRS approved riding school. They provide top-quality lessons for both adults and children from three years and above.

They offer indoor and outdoor facilities where disabled and able-bodied adults and children can receive lessons, events, clinics, and children’s activities are regularly held throughout the year, and a points-based volunteer program for those who want to gain experience in managing a stable (age must be 12 years and above).

Address: 2 Clapsgate Lane, Beckton E6 6JF

Gallop your way to a good time!

Improving your physical ability and mental wellness while galloping on a majestic steed sounds like the cure to just about anything! To achieve this, choosing the school that best suits your needs is crucial. Luckily with this list of fantastic options, there is bound to be one just for you.

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