Overcome Fear and Achieve Goals with Sandie Robertson

Sandie Robertson Mind Coach

Overcome Fear and Achieve Goals with Sandie Robertson

Having a confidence crisis? Fear is one of the biggest problems that as riders and horse owners, can hold us back. But what if there was a legitimate way to break through those barriers so you are able to achieve your goals and enjoy the world of the equestrian sport once again?

Sandie Robertson is a hugely successful, world-renowned equestrian performance coach, who helps riders overcome fear and be able to become their best selves once again, and that includes you! Sandie believes there is no problem too big to overcome if you have the help of a qualified mind coach.

Sandie’s coaching is available to anyone who wants to change, grassroots riders all the way up to those who represent their country and has worked with the world No1.

Sandie Robertson
Sandie Robertson

About Sandie Robertson

With over 20 years’ experience in every aspect of the equestrian world, for the last 10 years, Sandie has been specifically committed to working within the equestrian market. She has helped riders across the globe to achieve their goals, overcome fears, learn from disappointments and maximize their performance. Her dedicated support enables the rider to be mentally stronger than their competitors. This can shave vital seconds off the clock, create an unbeatable team spirit or even allow the rider to be more resilient when things don’t go to plan.


The role of a mind coach is vital in today’s competitive world. The competitor who wins is after all the one who is best on the day. You can be the best at home but it’s the one who can consistently perform under pressure who reaps the rewards.  Sandie understands the pressure that comes with modern-day living, the demands of family, finances: owners, marketing and much more all contribute towards our success or indeed failure. Working with Sandie will give a much clearer perspective and allow for a much clearer focus!

She keeps top riders at the top and enables aspiring riders to grow into that winning mind set improving life in and out of the saddle. Be it performance overcoming fear, nerves or strategic focus, hacking fears or jumping woes, as horse lovers we all go through phases where our confidence has a crisis. Treat it now, with the professional.

Sandie offers a free initial session to assess any concerns you may have, and then you can sign up to a 12-week package.

*½ day intensive course also available

For more information and to download a FREE mindset routine visit www.sandierobertson.com


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