Nettex offers a generous discount this summer!

Nettex offers generous discount

Nettex offers a generous discount this summer!

All horses deserve to glow which is why Nettex Equine is offering a generous 25% discount on their grooming range this summer.

Kick starting a new grooming season, Nettex is championing that “you don’t need a show to glow” as they acknowledge fewer riders are currently entering events due to the cost of living continuing to rise.  The promotion, which runs through July and August, is set to support all riders and encourage horse owners to re-instil their grooming habits and pamper their horses to show standards and promote wellbeing regardless of whether they are out competing or not.

The fun and inclusive “you don’t need a show to glow” message is set to unite horse owners nationwide, as owners are being inspired to post their horse’s glossy glow up pictures online with the hashtag #glowupwithnettex after using the Nettex grooming products.

The tried and trusted grooming range has everything needed to give horses a full body glow up, including; Best in Test Everyday Conditioning Shampoo, Coat Shine, Mane & Tail Detangler, Whitening Shampoo, Plaiting Spray and Quick Gloss Hoof Spray.


Nettex’s product manager, Ellie Cashmore, says “So many of us missed competing throughout the pandemic, and it’s not currently an option for everyone to be back out on the road. But what is an option is grooming and getting your horse looking healthy and well kept. The message “you don’t need a show to glow” is to remind horse owners that it is still fun and rewarding to get their horses sparkling, even if they’re not getting out to events. To support this, we are offering a generous discount and the opportunity to unite online with a fun hashtag.”

The full grooming range is stocked at participating online retailers, tack shops and country stores nationwide. For more information on where the range can be found please visit

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