The 5 Best Cooler Rugs For Horses

Barnsby Equestrian 270g Horse Fleece Cooler

We’ve rounded up 5 of the best cooler rugs for horses. Boasting breathable designs and moisture-wicking technology, these rugs are an essential part of a post-exercise routine in our books!

Horseware Amigo Jersey Cooler

Horseware Amigo Jersey Cooler

Horseware’s Amigo Jersey Cooler is your classic cooling accessory. The ageless blanket cut, combined with material made from lightweight, brushed polyester, make this the perfect travel accessory. Quickly throw on and fasten the simple front clasp fastener, tail cord and removable cross surcingle for immediate assistance in rapidly cooling your horse. Ideal for use over the colder months.

Weatherbeeta Micro-Air Cooler

Weatherbeeta Micro-Air Cooler

For cooler days, where you’ve got just as much as a sweat on, we reach for the Weatherbeeta Micro-Air Cooler. A fleece covering over the back and mesh sides slows cooling only where it’s needed. Featuring a surcingle-type front closure, low cross surcingles, and a tail cord, it’s a quick and easy cooling accessory to throw on after a hard session. Ideal for use over the spring and summer months.

Saxon Net Cooler

Saxon Net Cooler

Smart, simple and extremely affordable, the Saxon Net Cooler is a staple in equestrian grooming kits. Ultra-lightweight, it’s the perfect, packable accessory to speed up drying off and cooling your horse down. Ideal for summer use.

Weatherbeeta Scrim Cooler

The Weatherbeeta Scrim Cooler is comfort, style and functionality rolled into one. Featuring breathable mesh panels and wicking properties, this cooler is great at keeping moisture away. A surcingle chest front close, hidden belly surcingle, wither pad and fillet string are also included on this great cooler.

LeMieux Mesh Sports Cooler

The LeMieux Mesh sports cooler is a stylish, lightweight rug with a panel running along the top and mesh sides to aid breathability. Safe to travel in as the rug is secured by cross surcingles.

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