Sport England Launches ‘Fit Got Real’ Campaign

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Sport England Launches ‘Fit Got Real’ Campaign

Sport England has launched a new phase to their ‘This Girl Can’ campaign, titled ‘Fit Got Real’.

The ‘Fit Got Real’ phase is set to tackle inequalities in levels of exercise in social groups, aiming to get women who feel excluded from the world of exercise, active again.

The new phase launch comes after Sport England identified issues, such as fear of judgement and lack of confidence and emotional pressure, were the main barriers preventing women from exercising. Sport England’s research also found that pressures preventing exercise in women majorly stemmed from media portrayal of women involved in exercise, images presenting exercise as exclusive toward image and money.

The campaign will hopefully motivate women to get involved with an activity in any way the can, Sport England launching a film including all ages and ethnicities doing exercise in their own style. The film aims to spread the message, that even unconventional exercise counts. This includes mucking out, filling hay-nets, grooming, or even a day on your feet spectating at a show.


On the launch of the campaign, Chief Executive of Sport England commented;

There are some stark inequalities when it comes to different levels of exercise amongst women in England. Many of the pressures of modern life do not make it easy for women to have the confidence and motivation to be active. The health and wellbeing benefits of being active should be available to all women, and that is why we have a new message – Fit Got Real – to celebrate the creative and often unconventional ways many women are fitting exercise into their busy lives.”

The ‘This Girl Can’ campaign has already inspired 3 million women to get active, since it’s launch in 2015. The new phase will hopefully inspire even more participation in sport and riding.

As well as the online film, adverts are set to roll out in the coming future. Information can also be found on the ‘This Girl Can’ website and social media channels.


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