Easy Halloween Costumes For Horses

Easy Halloween Costumes Ideas For Horses

Here's some easy Halloween costumes for horses. For a spooky costume, look no further than your tack room, for inspiration! If you haven't already got these items hidden away in your tack room, everything we have mentioned can be with you within the next working day! From the subtly spooky to the glamorously ghoulish, we got some great ideas up our sleeve!


The most traditional, but arguably the best costume for Halloween must be the witch or the wizard! Simply accessorise your horse’s daily look with a pointed hat and drape with cobwebs for a creepy twist in the day to day. When you ride, grab a mini broom-stick instead of a crop!


QHP Unicorn horn (Amazon; £23.95)


Grab all the glitter and transform your horse into a unicorn! Although it’s not super scary, this costume has all the fun of any other costume on the market.

All you will need for this costume is lots of glitter and a clip on horn. Apply hoof glitter to the hooves, spray their body, mane and tail with glitter spray, then finish with a clip-on horn and you’re away! If your riding, clip the horn to your horse’s brown band, otherwise you can clip the accessory into their forelock!

If you’ve got some extra time on your hands, grab some hair tinsel and start plaiting. Incorporate these sparkly strands into mane and tail plaits for the ultimate unicorn look!


You can use paint to create multiple designs on your horse, virtually creating them into any character you like, or adding extra features to costume ideas. By just using paint you can create traditional ideas such as a zombie, a skeleton, or a clown.


For the cheeky, mischief-making ponies on the yard, bring their alter-egos to life with a menacing devil costume.

Liverpool International Horse Show 2021 banner

A red Snuggy Hood would make the perfect accessory, covering the ears to look like devil horns. If your horse is unsure of this overhead design or you want a more rideable costume, try a red fly veil! Finish the look with a red exercise sheet or red fleece rug, and let your horse’s personality do the rest of the talking.

Amidale Fly Veil (Amazon; £5.90)



A pumpkin costume will suit any food-obsessed character on the yard! This ultra-cute costume is ultra-easy too!

For a ride-on design, kit your horse out in an orange exercise sheet and pumpkin tinsel. Wrap the tinsel around your reins or plait into your horse mane and tail, just make sure it doesn’t disrupt your riding!

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