Earn While You Learn: 7 Great Reasons to Become an SCT Apprentice

Are you at that time in your life when you’re finishing school or your A Levels and you’re not quite sure which route to take? University is always a great option when it comes to higher education, however, that option will always be there for you whether you decide to take it up now, or in a few years time.

Apprenticeships however are only available to the younger generation. You’ll gain real industry experience around your area of study while earning money too, so why not take the opportunity to earn why you learn while you can.

Here, Stubbing Court Training Ltd (SCT) highlights seven great reasons to take on an equine Apprenticeship, now or in the near future:

  • Earn while you learn. If you are keen to start earning your own money, an equine Apprenticeship with SCT is ideal – you receive a wage from your employer at the same time as first-class training.
  • Proper training. The broad-based, thorough nature of the Apprenticeship curriculum means that Apprentices are comprehensively trained in all aspects of horse care and equestrianism, making it easy for them to find jobs in any area of the horse world once they have finished. It is hands-on, practical experience – which employers value far above purely theoretical, classroom-based training.
  • Fantastic backup and support. SCT’s staff are always on hand to check that all is well with the company’s Apprentices, that they are receiving the correct training, are coping with the work and that their employers are fully up to speed with employment best practices.
  • Online Learning. We all know that the equine industry involves busy days and that it would be difficult and impractical to spend time in a classroom environment. SCT’s excellent system of Online Learning allows Apprentices to fit their studying around their work in a flexible, supported manner.
  • Access to the very best riders and trainers in the world. SCT has exceptionally good contacts throughout the equestrian world in all disciplines, and SCT Apprentices and their employers get unprecedented opportunities to train with and learn from people such as British eventing team coach Chris Bartle, showjumpers Joe Whitaker and Matthew Sampson and eventing guru Yogi Breisner through its exclusive SCT Masterclass Series.
  • Rewards for going the extra mile. SCT’s Enterprise Award was created with the help of the British Equestrian Federation to encourage Apprentices to help the businesses within which they are employed to be more successful. It offers opportunities for Apprentices to learn more about effective, profitable business management, which will be of considerable benefit to ensuring their own careers within equestrianism are sustainable.
  • The best opportunities for professional development. SCT is committed to ensuring that its Apprentices and employers have every chance to continue developing their skills and their in-depth knowledge of both the industry and of working practices. SCT’s bi-annual Professional Development Seminar, with discussions and presentations from experts in a variety of fields, is just one example.


SCT’s equine apprenticeships offer young people an outstanding chance to achieve the highest standards of horse care and horsemanship by learning from the best practitioners in the equestrian world. The company offers exceptional levels of support to both apprentices and their employers, giving advice and training in all aspects of employment. Apprentices earn a wage while gaining valuable, respected qualifications and transferrable skills, giving them excellent employability.

Image: Masterclass trainer Chris Bartle with apprentice Caitlin Nolan

For more information visit www.stubbingcourttraining.com

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