Portable Pet Containment System

Portable Pet Containment System

Instead of leaving your dog penned up in the kennel looking all pensive when going camping for a few days, buy a portable pet containment system. 

While most campsites welcome pets, it is your responsibility to keep the dog contained in your campground. 

Because of the activities in the campsite, your dog can become excited and start being all over the place. This is why you need a good containment system. It is going to help keep your dog in your campground. 

If you already have a wired or wireless electric pet fence at home, you know how convenient it is. You also know how safe it is for you and your canine friend. 

Now, with a good portable pet containment system, you can enjoy the same peace of mind when traveling, when camping, staying at an AirBnB for a few days or when visiting with friends for some time. 

Why get a wireless portable pet containment system?

When you are thinking of portability, the wireless pet electric fence comes to mind. The beauty of such systems is their affordability. 

Portable containment fences for dogs come in all sizes, as you can see on a resource called https://www.digyourdog.com/

Some can contain the pet in a small area, while others can work in a big space, giving your pet a lot of freedom of movement. 

Basically, the portable pet system comes in three main parts. The first one is the transceiver, which you place or install somewhere outside the house. It transmits the signal to the receiver in the dog collar. 


The second part is the dog collar that comes with the receiver. The receiver is a box that has two or more probes, and a strap for wearing around the dog’s neck. 

Once the receiver gets the signal from the transmitter, it will either beep to warn the dog or probe the dog in the neck, depending on how close to the perimeter the dog goes. 

Other things in the package include a charger, and small flags to mark the boundary. 

Remember, even if you have the gentlest dog breed, never go camping or visiting with friends without your containment system. 

Fast setup time for the system

Read the user manual before you start setting it up. Wireless pet containment systems might look the same, but they are not. Even if you have used one before, do not assume this one works the same way. 

You can set the transceiver inside the tent or in the RV. The position you set up the transmitter will be the center of your containment area. 

When you get to the campground, set up the system first. Don’t keep man’s best friend leashed too long. 

The area of operation is adjustable

By adjusting a dial on the transceiver, you can increase or reduce the play area of the dog. 

This is the joy of using wireless systems because there are no wires to dig up when you want to enlarge or narrow the containment area. 

To adjust the area of operation, most transmitters come with a dial. You can rotate the dial upward to enlarge the area. To reduce the area, rotate it downwards or in the opposite direction. 

Please note that the adjustability is unique to the wireless system that you buy. The very cheap ones might not even be adjustable. Just read the user manual to see how your system works. 

The receiver battery lasts long

The wireless pet containment systems come in the plug-in design, so you need a power source. When camping in your RV or with your car, plug-in the transceiver to power it up. 

This can be a problem for people who go dry camping, you know, without a generator and other modern amenities. But you can find out whether there’s a transmitter that has a USB cable and port. If yes, you can charge it with a power bank. 

The receivers on the dog collar usually come with recharge batteries, which can last a long time, sometimes up to 12 months. After that, it would need replacement. 

This system is for keeps

This is not a one-use system, that you can discard after you are done traveling and camping for the season. 

As long as there are no wires to bury in the ground, you can use the system both at home and when camping or staying at an AirBnB

For home and camping use, get a system that allows adjustment to the size of the area of operation. 

Some have a big maximum range, sometimes stretching to more than half an acre of coverage. 


Apart from the portability and lack of wires to bury in the ground, the pet containment systems work just like those ones for your home. 

You can add collars to the system if you have more dogs. The collar gives a beeping alert, has two or more correction levels for gentle and stubborn dogs, is waterproof and easy to use. 

Check the advertised battery life of the dog collar receiver. The longer the better, but most of them last anywhere from 2 to 24 months. 

Finally, you need to train your dog to respond to alerts and lower correctional levels of shock. 

Some stubborn dog breeds need higher correction levels, when mild shock does not work. But with good training, any dog can learn not to go beyond the set boundary. 


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