How This App Can Streamline Recruitment For Equestrian Centres


With traditional recruitment a time-consuming and expensive process, businesses like equestrian centres must prepare for the challenges of finding and hiring suitable candidates quickly. Fortunately, horse centre recruiters can hire staff on Job Today, where they can use an innovative platform to streamline the recruitment process.

What is Job Today?

Job Today is a mobile and web-based recruitment platform designed to make the job search process easier and faster for candidates. First launched in Barcelona, Spain, the company now operates in more than 20 countries around the world and is used by over 26 million job seekers. Employers can create job posts, browse profiles, communicate with applicants and hire staff in a matter of minutes.

Due to the features of Job Today, even equestrian sites should learn about the platform’s benefits and consider using it for their recruitment needs.


Location-Based Candidate Searches

One of the most beneficial aspects of Job Today for equestrian recruiters is its location-based candidate search feature. Without having companies wait for applications, this allows employers to narrow down searches for a specific area, such as a town or city, and view the profiles of applicants who live close by. 

This can be particularly useful for equestrian centres that are looking to fill in staff vacancies quickly and do not want candidates to travel long distances when applying. They can also use advanced filters such as job experience level or educational background to further refine their results.

In-App Chat and Video Interviews

Job Today also provides employers with a convenient way to communicate with applicants. Recruiters can easily chat with potential hires in the app, ask questions and arrange video interviews directly from their devices.

This feature offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for equestrian centres that are looking to hire staff quickly, as they do not have to spend money on travelling or organising face-to-face meetings. 

It also helps save time by allowing recruiters to conduct multiple conversations simultaneously and review candidates quickly.

Recruiters Only Pay When Contacting Relevant Candidates

Here’s the best part: recruiters on Job Today are only charged (via subscription) when they contact relevant candidates. This means employers can trial the platform to determine if it is suitable for their needs, as well as save money by paying for only suitable applicants.

Final Thoughts 

Job Today has revolutionised recruitment and offers equestrian centres a more efficient way of finding and hiring staff quickly. With its location-based search feature, in-app chat function and video interview capability, companies can streamline the recruitment process without having to incur a lot of costs. 

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