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Welcome to our brand new homepage layout for January’s Everything Horse Magazine. Here you will find all of our content published for January 2023, from mud fever advice to product guides for winter, each designed to help you out with your horse.

Everything Horse Magazine January 2023

Editor’s Note

Hello January!

We’re all about horse and rider fitness, mud fever and hi-viz in January’s Everything Horse Magazine. You’ll get to enjoy product features and articles that focus on each topic so you can learn more, and discover tips on how to help you with your horse. We’ve great product round-ups towards the end of the page, which feature a selection of ‘hot to trot’ items every horse owner needs at this time of year. Don’t miss Alicia Adams’ video trialling the Pivo Pod Active, and you can also find out more about the product in our published review.

Wishing you abundance and love for the year ahead.

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Mud Fever

Mud Fever in Horses explained including symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention

Mud Fever in Horses

Here we talk about mud fever in horses, including understanding the condition, symptoms, causes, prevention, treatment and a Q&A with ...

Products for Mud Fever

Products for Mud Fever in Horses Looking for products to help take care of mud fever this winter? Then look ...
Activ Scrub

Mud Busting with Activ Scrub

Activ Scrub - If your horse suffers from mud fever, here's a product that not only helps treat the condition ...
should you wash mud of horses legs? Horses stood at gate in a field

Should you wash mud off horses’ legs?

Should You Wash Mud Off Horses Legs? The question 'should you wash mud off horses' legs' can be heavily debated ...

Watch Alicia Adams trial the Pivo Pod Active

Just before Christmas we got to trial the Pivo Pod Active. Our mini sponsored rider gave it a go, you can watch her video below. Alternatively, you can read our review which is linked here to discover more about what this great product has to offer!

Horse and Rider Fitness

Practice makes perfect! Photo by Stefanie Poepken on Unsplash

How to get fit for horse riding: 5 top tips

Are you ready to get fit for horse riding? Riding is a great way to stay in shape and connect ...
Riding Centres Under Threat

How To Build Your Horse A Fitness Plan

Build your horse a fitness plan with this quick and easy guide. We take a look at how you can ...
Horse rider fitness and fitness plans - horse and rider canter through a water element

Horse Rider Fitness + Rider Nutrition and Workout Plans

Includes 7-day exercise and fitness plan! Horse riding requires a level of fitness specific to the sport itself and often ...
Enduro Labs Equine Fitness Tracker

Enduro Labs Equine Fitness Tracker Review

Enduro Labs Equine Fitness Tracker Review The Enduro Labs Equine Fitness Tracker was in for review this month. Testing and ...

Hi-Viz Gear

what to look for in HI-VIZ horse riding gear. Image of two riders in Equisafety clothing riding through a field.

Hi-Viz Gear this January

Hi-Viz Horse Rider Gear Guide for Equestrians With a plethora of Hi-Viz horse rider gear available for equestrians, we've rounded ...

New Horse Owner?

Top 10 Equine Essentials Every Horse Owner Needs horse in a stable looking towards camera

Top 10 Equine Essentials for Horse Owners

Every horse owner knows the importance of having the right equine essentials to keep their horse healthy and happy. Whether ...

Product Guides for January

Products for Mud Fever

Products for Mud Fever in Horses Looking for products to help take care of mud fever this winter? Then look ...
Tried and Tested NETTEX

Mud Control – Tried and Tested from NETTEX

This month we review two products from the NETTEX Mud Control Range to help you out should your horse suffer ...
Winter Horse Riding Jackets feature image

Winter Horse Riding Jackets

Every horse owner needs a reliable winter horse riding jacket, period. A jacket to rely on in wind, rain and ...

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