Irish Horse Racing Fixtures 2024

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It is time to join the world of Irish horse racing fixtures 2024, where thunderous hooves, magnificent competitions, and the electric atmosphere conspire to create sporting moments of frenzy. Right in 2024, the Irish horse racing industry is a constant attraction to seasoned busters and newbies, both of who enjoy the unique combination of tradition, prestige, and thrill.

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Come with us to Ireland – a land of high-speed racing, strong betting interest, and unforgettable moments – whether you are a veteran or a newcomer.

Racing at Fairyhouse – Saturday, February 24th, 2024

Welcome to Fairyhouse, the venue that breathes the Irish horse race spirit on Saturday, February 24th, 2024. Here, the day is filled with thrilling action, hard competitions, and unmatched moments.


This Saturday when Fairyhouse comes alive promises to be memorable, with a lineup of competitions that will leave you breathless and showcase the best equine talent and the expertise of the top jockeys. In one day the spectators are spoilt for choice, with all types of races – from sprints to endurance tests – taking place.

One of the days’ major features is the “Fairyhouse Gold Cup” the old race that enjoys a great reputation. Having the Fairyhouse Gold Cup as one of the biggest races of the day in Ireland is not the only competition that attracts top-class horses aiming for the crown and to be written in the history of horse racing.

In addition to the main event, Fairyhouse offers patrons a varied selection of supporting races and handicaps thus giving betting enthusiasts from both entry-level and experienced categories a chance to place their bets on the outcome of their favorite competition.

To provide for those who cannot participate on-site, Fairyhouse cooperates closely with the leaders of the betting brands online enabling the fans to follow up on the events of the day from the comfort of their homes. It could be in the form of placing your bets, watching the live streams, or even knowing the current state of the race. Online betting adds an extra layer of excitement to the racing experience.

Clonmel Racecourse – Thursday, February 29th, 2024

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Experience extreme excitement as Clonmel welcomes a collection of mind-blowing competitions that portray the horses’ best and the triumph of the best jockeys in the industry. Day by day, from breath-taking just-a-minute sprints to lasting just-about-to-give-up hurdles, the events to come will give both horses and their riders a variety of challenges.

The centerpiece of the action is the “Claine Meal Cup,” a race with a lot of history and a lot of weight on its shoulders. Known as one of the main events of Irish racing the Clonmel Cup attracts the top horses competing in the hope of winning and cementing their names in racing lore.

Besides, Clonmel Racecourse provides many supporting competitions and handicaps that offer a comprehensive betting platform for punters to put their skills to the test and wager on the outcomes of the races. It is a great opportunity, whether you are a professional bettor or just a frequent viewer, you have a thing to watch.

Aside from the excitement of the races, Clonmel is a city of festivity and pleasure, with its cheerful crowd of fans on the rails shouting for their favorite horses. Whether seated in the grandstands for motor racing or walking around the amenities, fixtures offer the best of what’s out there.


To sum up, the Irish horse racing fixtures of 2024 will be a vivid mixture of competitiveness, tradition, and thrill-seeking adventure. Whether live in person or online, the combination of people getting ready to run fast and creative betting allows an exhilarating atmosphere throughout the season.

The echoes of hooves driving the ground provide a glimpse into the soul of Irish horse racing. It transfixes racegoers from all over the world. Fans take an increasing interest in the moments of victory, seeing prime-class horses and riders competing for the highest achievements. Irish horse racing has always kept the viewer spellbound with its ancient history and life-changing landscape. No wonder, the 2024 fixtures, as a symbol of this glorious event, would surely be evidence of the timeless power of this exciting sport.

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