A three-time champion jockey whose career was nearly cut short by gambling is planning a grand comeback

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Silvestre de Souza, the Brazilian jockey who reached the pinnacle of success in the world of horse racing, began his journey in rather difficult circumstances. He grew up among nine siblings in a small house in Brazil, in a family that faced serious financial difficulties on a daily basis. Despite this, he was able to overcome all the difficulties and become one of the best jockeys in the world.

How an illegal bet almost ruined de Sozua’s brilliant career

Silvestre competed and won races all over the world, earning millions of dollars and gaining respect in the jockey community. However, his career was suddenly jeopardized when de Souza was disqualified for ten months while competing in Hong Kong.

According to reports presented, Silvestre left the UK to earn a lot of money in the Far East. He started racing in Hong Kong with great enthusiasm, but his career was put on hold after it was revealed that de Souza had helped his friend and fellow competitor, Wagner Borges, to make an illegal bet.

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About further plans

Recently, Silvestre de Souza surprised the sports world with his decision to withdraw his appeal against suspension. His wife Vikki shared details of the episode and revealed her spouse’s plans.

In an interview with the Racing Post, she revealed that Silvestre will return to the UK with the intention of resurrecting his career and scoring some impressive victories once his suspension ends in March. She quotes him as saying, “Silvestre will be back in fighting form in March next year. He is in no hurry to take a fee or agree to any offers yet, but several people have already approached him with interesting offers.”

De Souza is thus keen to return to his sporting achievements and continue his successful career in the jockey world after the difficulties he has faced due to his disqualification. His unexpected decision to withdraw his appeal and his supportive wife has been the subject of discussion and attention from fans and journalists, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and interest in how his career will develop in the future.

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