ICE-Scan Review

ICE-Scan Review

ICE-Scan Review

ICE-Scan is the new wearable tech set to improve rider safety. Here is our review, looking at everything from ease of use to performance for horse riders.

What is ICE-Scan?

ICE-Scan is wearable smartphone technology, originally designed for motorbike riders.

It consists of water-resistant labels that can be stuck to riding equipment and apparel. The distinctive ‘star of life’ design means the label is easy to spot and peels away to reveal a QR code.

Scanning the QR code with the ICE-Scan apps allows first-responders to rider’s important personal and medical information to tailor emergency care.


How to set up ICE-Scan?

To set up ICE-Scan users need a smartphone only. Downloading the ICE-Scan app through Apple Store or Google Play, entering basic details allows users to purchase 5 stickers which arrive a few days later. The stickers and service subscription cost just £24.00 per year.

The stickers arrive with clear, step-by-step instructions, an activation label, and ICE-stickers. All users need to do is scan the activation QR code via the ‘Activate QR Code’ tab in the ICE-Scan App. They will then be asked to enter further details such as medical condition, medications, and emergency contact details.

Then all users need to do is place the stickers on where-ever they see fit. For horse riders, we recommend riding hats, body protectors, and mobile phones.

Benefits of ICE-Scan

ICE-Scan boasts instant access to riders' medical information. This allows care to be tailored in any emergency situation. It also cuts out the bulk of carrying medical cards for those with known conditions. 

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The stickers are also extremely durable. A worry of ours was that they may not stick to certain materials, such as fabric. However, the stickers stuck extremely well to our fabric-covered riding hat and withstood autumnal elements.

ICE Scan Review
The ICE-sticker pack arrives with clear instructions, an activation label and 5 ICE-stickers.

For those worried about sharing personal information, the sticker and app proved to be extremely safe. The stickers have a peelable cover, disguising the QR code from the public. Meanwhile, the app is fully GDPR-compliant meaning that the company will protect all your personal information under UK and EU laws. If the QR code is scanned, users will be sent an email to notify them. Users can then choose to instantly block their QR code if use was unrecognised or unwanted.

ICE-Scan is fully recognised by paramedics across the UK. All ambulance crews should have the app downloaded onto devices on their vehicles. Therefore, you know it will be put to use when needed most.

Further, there are plans to integrate What3Words. This will also allow those who are first on the scene to scan the QR code and use What3Words to determine location for medical crews.

Ice Scan Review
ICE-Scan stickers were durable even on fabric surfaces.
ICE-Scan Review
ICE-Scan Medical Details Form

Limitations of ICE-Scan

One downfall of ICE-Scan is that the access to medical information requires an internet connection. Therefore, responders would need Wi-Fi or mobile data to scan and access information in an emergency. Although, there is a small numerical code just above the QR code which could be radioed to a control centre. This relay of information may be time costly though.

We would also recommend application of the stickers to a clean surface. We clean areas of our equipment with a damp cloth and allowed it to dry before placing the stickers on. Durability may be impacted if not placed on clean items. 

Finally, users only receive five stickers therefore need to be selective to where they place them. We recommend the riding equipment that you use most, such as your riding hat and phone. The subscription also needs annual renewal, however this is just £24.00 per annum.

The Verdict

ICE-Scan is the perfect companion for any horse rider. Sticking well to equestrian apparel and allowing for instant access to important medical information, it is sure to give many riders peace of mind. Improving the ability for emergency crews to provide instantly tailored care in the worst circumstances, it could improve recovery and outcomes after unwanted accidents. For just £24.00 per year, ICE-Scan is affordable investment for rider safety.

Scan the QR Code to download the ICE-Scan App now!

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