New Wearable Tech Set To Improve Rider Safety

New Wearable Tech Set To Improve Rider Safety

New Wearable Tech Set To Improve Rider Safety

ICE-Scan is the new wearable tech, set to improve rider safety when hacking.

A modern solution for an age old dilemma, ICE-scan allows riders to securely save and store medical and personal information for referral in the event of an emergency.

As paramedics and clinicians often testify, saving time in an emergency can save lives. However, access to that critical medical information can and does save lives too. So how does ICE-scan provide this crucial information?

The wearable technology allows the first to the scene to access medical background and personal information in one touch. Including past medical history, medication, allergies, as well as age, name, and nationality, medical professionals can quickly personalise care to suit the users needs in the event of an emergency.

Riders signed up to the service receive ICE-scan tags, which can be placed on everything from helmets to body protectors. The tag is linked with a smartphone app where riders can enter their all important details.

Emergency services can spot the ICE-scan tag, complete with its familiar ‘Blue Star of Life’ logo. From here, the can quickly remove the protective security layer, revealing a QR code. Scanning with s smartphone, emergency service then have instant access to the rider information they have provided via their ICE-scan account.

In an instant, emergency services are no longer just the professional lifesaver but are now your comforting friend that can tailor care to the riders needs. Through the app they can also contact your named emergency contact.

Knowing this vital information, a waiting Accident & Emergency team can prepare for the rider’s admission. This means better treatment and subsequent communication with your emergency contacts.

Not only does the ICE-scan’s subscription-based service keep rider safe, 10% of profits fund defibrillators within the community. This is the first of many lifesaving initiatives ICE-scan aim to support across the UK.

ICE-scan are also offering Everything Horse readers 25% off their annual subscription fee. Use the code EHUK25 to claim a 25% discount!

For further information visit ice-scan or download the ICE-scan App.

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