Ice Boots For Horses

Ice Boots For Horses

Ice Boots for Horses

Ice boots for horses are a great cold therapy. An alternative to cold hosing horses legs, ice boots are a firm equestrian favourite. Discover your favourite style of equine ice boots and key benefits of each.

Ice Boots For Horses



Horseware Vibe Ice Boots

The Horseware Vibe Ice Boots are rechargeable vibrating boots that utilise cooling and massage therapy to help your horse in numerous ways. Horseware Ice-Vibe Boots boost the circulation in horse’s legs, stimulating the lymph system to reduce swelling, remove waste products and increase nutrient flow. This means that the Ice-Vibe Boots can be used to effectively treat strains, ligament and tendon damage through the combined cooling and massage effect.

Contoured to fit the lower leg, Ice-Vibe boots can be used on both front and hind legs. Stretchy pockets allow for easy insertion or removal of panels. Meanwhile, secure Velcro fastenings prevent slipping.

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Premier Equine Cold Water Ice Boots

The Premier Equine Cold Water Ice Boots were invented and designed with swelling prevention and reduction in mind. Not only reducing swelling, but assisting in cool tendons after exercise and treating injuries.

Founded on the principle of contouring and shaping, the anatomical design delivers a cold cushioned therapy treatment to the tendon & fetlock areas. The micro-crystal contents turns into a gel when soaked in water, forming a soft cushion which is comfortable against the horse’s skin. Elasticated straps advance the treatment by allowing tension to be applied during fastening, adding an element of compression to intensify the treatment and enhance results.

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Shires Arma Hot/Cold Relief Boots

Shires Arma Hot/Cold Relief Boots can be used hot or cold to treat injury and speed up recovery after strenuous exercise. Use cold for immediate swelling reduction after exercise. Or use warm to aid flexibility and lubrication of joints. They are the perfect boot for horses suffering with arthritic joints.

Gel packs can be cooled in water or the freezer, otherwise they can be heated in hot water or the microwave. The boot is ergonomically designed for comfort and specifically shaped to be used on joints as flexible neoprene and cut outs allow movement. Suitable for use on the knees, hocks or fetlocks. Inner pockets keep gel packs secure.

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