H&C’s “Daisy Dines With” Welcomes Ben Maher in Latest Episode

Daisy Dines with Ben Maher H&C+

One of H&C’s most popular shows, “Daisy Dines With” welcomes Olympic showjumping superstar Ben Maher in the latest episode!

The “Daisy Dines With” show, available on H&C+, offers a unique insight into the lives and times of equestrian legends. The latest episode, Ben Maher, is no exception. In a wide-ranging interview with presenter Daisy Bunn, Ben shares never-before-heard details of his victory with Explosion W in Tokyo and what it’s like to be drug-tested at your own wedding!

In a break with the normal format of the show, Ben acknowledges that he doesn’t spend a huge amount of time in the kitchen. So rather than Ben cooking for Daisy, the pair work together to whip up Ben’s favourite meal of spaghetti bolognese followed by chocolate fondant. They’re joined in the enterprise by Daisy’s husband Pravin, who keeps things moving along while she talks to Ben in one of the longest, wide-ranging, and revealing interviews he’s ever given.

Ben recounts his early days, coming from a not particularly horsey background but knowing from the age of thirteen that riding was going to be his future. But it wasn’t all plain sailing from there. Ben reveals that, before the Beijing Olympics, he was thinking of quitting and even took another job outside of the industry. Fortunately, that only served to remind him of how much he loved riding, and shortly afterwards, he achieved his dream of going to the Olympics as the youngest member of the team.


Dasiy and Ben go on to talk about Tokyo and Ben’s victory with Explosion W. Daisy is astonished to hear that Ben needs a stepladder to get on Explosion, while groom Cormac Kenny distracts him with food, otherwise he’ll run off.

Back in the kitchen, Pravin’s got the spaghetti bolognese ready to go, and the three of them sit down to eat. Daisy points out that the Olympics wasn’t the only high point in Ben’s 2021, with his marriage to Sophie taking place two weeks later. Ben reveals that, during the reception drinks, an unexpected guest arrived, a drug-tester to take a sample from him. Rules are rules so Ben slipped away without disrupting proceedings, but he did work it into his speech later on.

Daisy Dines With Ben Maher is available on H&C+ from Thursday, January 20th.

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