Elim-a-Net review


Elim-a-Net review

The Elim-a-Net is an innovative designed haynet available from Parell Products.

Elim-a-Net Review

Designed with the overweight horse in mind, this unique design of haynet allows for a slower feeding time, which helps reduce over indulgence, digestive upset and general stable boredom. The smaller than average triangular holes reduce the amount of hay, or haylage, that can be taken at any one time, thus regulating forage intake.

The holes in the net are made smaller by the strike through of an almost inner net, which is great for minimising waste. Ideal for hanging in the field due to the reduction in waste, keeping ground clearer especially helpful in the winter.

The silver rings around the top allow for an easy pull to close system before hanging. There is ample tie cord available for fuller nets. The two-tone colour helps add a vibrant touch to any stable.

The net is available in three sizes, pony, cob and horse, making it ideal for a variety of requirements. The holes are small enough so that when not full, the risk of a hoof becoming stuck is reduced.

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Colours: Blue/black, green/black or red/black

Sizes: Pony, cob or horse

RRP: From £10.99

Visit www.parellproducts.com/stockists

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