Chaps for the Summer

Horse chaps, or horse riding chaps, are a popular choice of rider clothing all year round.

Chaps, whether full or calf length, are more often than not seen as a staple item in every riders wardrobe during the summer and winter months. A good zip, with an elasticated calf will suit most, however, you may prefer a longer loose fit.

Available in a selection of materials and styles to suit the different needs of the rider.

Here we take a look at a selection of chaps available on the market today.

Half Chaps with budget in mind

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Tuffa Suede Half Chaps – Adults

Traditionally styled, these suede half chaps from Tuffa are hard-wearing and are considered great for riders with a wider calf. Also available in sizes for the shorter calf, making them great value for money.

Priced around £32.99

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Dublin Flexi Leather Half Chaps – Adults

These flexi leather half chaps are made out of a soft and durable leather with bottom stud fastening. 

RRP £46.99 price only £29.99 – Sizes limited

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HY Carino Half Chaps – Adults

The HY Carino half chaps have been designed with comfort in mind. The soft and stretchy faux suede gives for a close, comfortable fit. 

RRP £33.00

More to spend?

As with any product, should you have a few more pounds to spend on a pair of chaps, you may consider choosing one of the below.

Half chaps that are paired with Jodhpur boots are an adaptable, economical and a cost-effective way to having a full length boot without the need to swap and change footwear throughout the day. The contoured fit is another great advantage of this interchangeable riding boot. Riders are able to replace either part, the boot or chap, if needed to without having to buy a new set or go through the process of breaking a new pair in! 

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Ariat Volant Show Chaps – Adults

Made of premium calf leather, the Ariat Volant Show chaps are designed for a contoured fit between boot and gaiter. Featuring a high Spanish cut top and a hidden zip, these chaps are a great addition to a similarly styled jodhpur boot.

Priced around £159.99

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Mark Todd Competition Gaiters – Adults

These gaiters have been designed to compliment the Mark Todd Short Competition Boot. They are made with a soft leather and feature a stud top fastening along with a reinforced, sturdy back zip. 

RRP £116.99

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Mountain Horse Carbon Half Chaps – Adults

Made with a softer inside calf leather and a sturdier outer, the Mountain Horse Carbon half chaps have been designed to fit snugly around the calf for an enhanced close comfort feel.

RRP £139.99


Full Chaps

Typically in the UK full chaps are seen predominantly worn by farriers, although they are still a popular choice among riders alike. Designed to assist in the protection of jodhpurs, breeches or jeans they are fitted at the top with a belt fastening and fall the full length of the leg.

Most, if not all, clothing brands manufacturer full chaps. There are a wide range available on the market today, here we have detailed a selection.

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Norton Amara Full Chaps – Adults

The chaps are made of Amara, a flexible, thin yet strong synthetic material. The adjustable waistband is secured with a buckle ot the front and a Velcro back. They are fastened with a hidden p.v.c zip

RRP from £57.99

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Tuffa Suede Full Chaps – Adults

The Tuffa full chaps have been made from a strong, durable suede. Ideal for wearing in wet and dirty conditions. 

Priced around £45.99

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