You can lead a horse to water, and the riders can have a drink!


You can lead a horse to water, and the riders can have a drink!baler twine

The Brewery Inn at Coalport, Telford, have become pub pioneers with their newly refurbished equestrian facilities, launched on the 22nd April. The horse friendly additions to the pub include: a sturdy mounting block, a water tank to offer a drink to thirsty horses and dogs and tie up rings complete with  baler twine attached to a sturdy fence. The Brewery Inn also hosts table-top tack sales for its strong base of riding regulars.

The move into making the pub accessible for its horsey locals came about after the very sad death of the pubs beloved landlord, Roger Charles Hotchkiss. Roger loved the country and was always interested in developing a horse friendly pub, so after his passing, his daughter Fiona was keen to implement her father’s plans in his memory.

Speaking to Fiona Hotchkiss, she stated how Roger himself had horses and many of the staff are also actively involved in the equestrian community. She reflected on how well received the improvements have been and said that the response had been amazing.

The Brewery Inn is located next to the Silken Way in the Iron Bridge Gorge, so they are easily accessible for a mid-hack pit stop. The family run pub serves a large range of food from snacks such as ice cream and chocolate, to freshly prepared main meals to cater for everyone.


As horse riders ourselves here at Everything Horse, we can’t think of anything more idyllic than enjoying a cool drink with a chip butty, on a summer’s day, with our favourite equine companions.

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