The Academy by Neue Schule Open First Bitting Analyst Course

The Academy by Neue Schule Open First Bitting Analyst Course

Revolutionary horse bit company, Neue Schule, are enrolling students now for The Academy’s first-ever Bitting Analyst Course.
Bitting Analyst is the third section of the Fundamentals of the Bits and Bitting Course.  The course will start on the 6th June, lasting 8 weeks and costing £75.00, included in the price is a 50 N spring balance. The 50 N spring balance is a force gauge that measures up to 50 Newtons. The spring balance is similar to the type of measure that might be used to weigh haynets etc. This is included in the Bitting Analyst course as  students often need to measure the forces that are applied to various parts of the bridle system, when using different bits. The course is primarily comprised of case studies and concludes with an in-depth scientific analysis of a bitting situation.

The Academy was founded by Neue Schule, to share their groundbreaking research and knowledge with the equine community. Its main course, Fundamentals of Bits and Bitting, is aimed at anyone with an interest in bitting, from riders to saddle fitters, right through to retailers. The course is divided into three sections; The Foundation Course, The Intermediate Course and the Bitting Analyst Course. Certificates recognizing the level of accomplishment are sent out to students upon completion of the course.

The Foundation and Intermediate courses open twice a year with successful students qualifying for the Bitting Analyst course which runs once a year, through the summer.


The Foundation course enrolment is also open now and will begin alongside the Bitting Analyst course on the 6th June. This course costs £25 and is open to anyone with an interest in bits and bitting.

The next Intermediate course will begin on 30th August and will cost £30. This course is open to students who have successfully completed the foundation course.

Neue Schule’s Manager of Research and Education, Dr. Caroline Benoist, explained that: “The Academy was established to dispel common “bitting” myths and really get riders to think about how a bit and any extra tack attached to it, affects the horse’s mouth.” She added “Where the courses are technical, we offer lots of support to the students and it speaks volumes that some have waited since December to enroll in Bitting Analyst.  We hope that some of this knowledge will serve to improve horse welfare when it comes to bitting horses.”

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