British Eventing Announces 2019 Entry Fee Changes

British Eventing - Image credit Mike Bain
British Eventing Fees to rise in 2019

British Eventing have announced that entry fees and prize money will increase in 2019.

The decision comes after consultation with British Eventing stakeholders, including riders, owners and the British Event Organisers Association (BEQA), agreeing that fees and prize money should increase by 2.25%.

The rise in fee will cover inflation factors, which have led to the increase running cost of events. The 2.25% increase is reflective of the actual increase in cost organisers have endured, in terms of labour, tentage, equipment hire, and cost of improvements to cross country courses.


Entries fees for British Eventing competition are standardised, however the money goes straight to the event holder. Although, a percentage of this does belong to British Eventing in the form of an affiliation fee. The affiliation fee supports the cost of professionals, such as technical advisers, scorers and stewards, and essential items, such as dressage and fence scoring sheets. The affiliation fee also ensures events have access to ground care, at a reduced cost, and public liability insurance. Therefore, the increased cost should be reflecting in the running of 2019 events.

However, this year’s increase is less than last years, with increases of 5% needed to cover running costs.

Memberships, excluding Day Pass Memberships, are not set to increase in 2019. There will also be no change to the price of Horse Season Tickets, Day Pass, or Training Pass prices.


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