BBC Highlights Urban Equestrian Communities in One-Off Programme

BBC equestrian programme Our Lives: The City of Horses' on BBC One

BBC Highlights Urban Equestrian Communities In One-Off Programme

The BBC highlights urban equestrian communities in a one-off programme.

Following the urban equestrian community of Swansea, the BBC spotlight the highs and lows of equestrian life in the city in their new series of Our Lives.

This episode, The City of Horses, takes a closer look into how horses impact lives across Swansea. Diving deep into the lifestyles of those who still keep horses amongst the urban jungle, it’s a truly insightful programme into an often overlooked equestrian community.

With over 600 horses in Swansea, for decades they have grazed the green patches of the city. Brought from the country as people searched to work, the community’s love of horses remained, keeping them as a permanent fixture amongst the terrace houses.

The “heart of the community”, for some the horses are much more than that. From escapism, to tradition, to purpose, the horses in here are highlighted to play a vital role in people’s lives. However, the nurturing, care, and attention the owners display is unmatched, ensuring the horses’ health and enjoyment is put before all else.

Although, a crack down on tethering means horses are becoming less accessible to the people of Swansea. With a lack of open, green spaces to keep horses, the culture is slowly dwindling in the city. As the expense to keep horses becomes too great, horses are now gradually being pushed out of the area.

As the youth of the city contemplate being the ‘last ones’ to roam the streets of Swansea on horse back, City of Horses is a unique snapshot in equestrian history which generations are sure to look back on. The episode also shows a side to horses every equestrian can relate to; a feeling of freedom, love, and connection.

You can watch ‘Our Lives: The City of Horses‘ on BBC One on 24th August 2021 at 7pm.

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