3 Exercises To Improve Your Riding

Exercises for an Ex-Racehorse

3 Exercises To Improve Your Riding

Here are three exercises to improve your riding. Gym bunny or not, we could all do with some at home exercises to improve our riding! So, we’ve rounded up some of the best workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home. Tackling stability, strength and flexibility, whatever your riding goals, we have you covered!

Improve Your Riding With…


This yoga routine has been designed with equestrians in mind! Providing exercises to improve stability, strength and to release muscle tension, it is the perfect low intensity workout to target those niggles in the saddle.

Stretch out your foundation muscles for a good riding position, from your core to your hips. We guarantee you’ll return to the saddle feeling lighter, looser and ready for anything!


Hip Mobility

Tight hips can be detrimental to your position and performance in the saddle, as well as your horse’s comfort.

Tight hips can result in tension throughout the lower leg, causing  your heels to draw up. Tension in the lower leg may mean you regularly lose stirrups, lack balance and overtime, it can result in lower back, lower leg and knee pain. With additional points of pain developing, this could see further comprises in your position and even knock your confidence.


Core Stability

This video gives you some quick, easy and low intensity ideas to target core stability and motion. These exercises are perfect to do once you are home from riding, stretching out from your neck to your knees. They will also help with the removal of lactic acid build ups, which can cause painful spasms.



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