Why Royal Ascot is the Best Horse Racing Festival in the UK

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Why Royal Ascot is the Best Horse Racing Festival in the UK

The UK is one of the biggest horse racing countries anywhere in the world. Horses from the UK are some of the best, they stand up well to competition from abroad, and thanks to that, we have some fantastic festivals that showcase the very best we have on offer.

Jump fans will instantly think of Cheltenham in March, while those who like flat racing will be keen to mention Royal Ascot. This festival is very special, offering five days of top quality action, bringing together the best from the UK, Ireland and many other parts of the world.

To win at Royal Ascot you have to be very special, and that is why Royal Ascot is the best horse racing festival in the UK. When the week comes, you are likely to see the latest horse news filled with stories about the winners, the breeding that brought us those horses, and anything special that happens during the week.

Betting on Winners at Royal Ascot

A winning bet at Royal Ascot pays exactly the same as a winning bet at any other horse racing meeting in the UK. However, there is certainly something special about landing a winner at the meeting.


We have five days, and it is very tough, so don’t expect too many winners, but there will be people out there who have great success with their bets. Bookmakers take the meeting very seriously, and you will find betting offers and bonuses on Royal Ascot betting sites that you can use to your advantage and hopefully make your experience better and more enjoyable.

One of the great aspects of betting at Royal Ascot is the fact that you know every horse in every race has been trained to the minute for this moment, and more than likely, their season revolves around this race.

The International Feel of Royal Ascot

The best of the best come together at Royal Ascot. We have a strong number of UK runners, a lot from Ireland and others from around the world, who want to visit the UK and leave with a trophy and some big prize money.

American trainer Wesley Ward is a big supporter of Royal Ascot, and has put together a strong team this season as he looks to build on the successes he has had at this meeting in the past. Other trainers have seen him do well, and have followed in his footsteps, with horses coming from many countries in recent years.

We see many big races take place in the UK, but these often only attract runners from the UK & Ireland. It is at Royal Ascot where we see international raiders also joining the party, and they make the racing even better.

If you want to be the best, you have to beat them, and thanks to the international travellers coming across to Royal Ascot, those who win there can stake their claim to being the best in the world over their distance.

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