What Makes Royal Ascot Special for Spectators?

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What Makes Royal Ascot Special for Spectators?

The biggest events in horse racing are now about far more than the actual action on the course. These are events, places where people want to be seen and where everyone wants to show their fashion sense by putting together incredible outfits.

If there is one place a UK horse racing fan would want to be seen, it could well be Royal Ascot. The racing is some of the best in the world, with £6 million in prize money enticing the very best horses from all around the world to come and take part in this incredible event.

But the reputation of Royal Ascot extends to much further than the racing. Here is what makes this meeting very special, and why spectators come flooding back each year to enjoy the meeting, either for one day or more.

Betting at Royal Ascot

There is nothing like backing a winner when you are at a racecourse. However, if you are at one of the best meetings in the world and you are betting on the best horses in the world, it certainly feels a little sweeter.


On top of that, there is the chance to get a great deal on your bets at the meeting. Just like at any big event, Royal Ascot betting offers are available for players to use, offering enhanced odds, free bets, bonuses and much more to give punters as much chance as possible of making a profit from their wagers.

The winners at Royal Ascot will all make the news headlines, and when they appear and you see them, there is no better feeling than knowing that not only did you witness that horse win, but you also placed a bet on it to win.

Fashion & Social

Of course, when you think of Royal Ascot, one of the first thoughts in your head will be the fashion side of things. If you are looking for a day out and want to wear something special, a big horse racing meeting such as Royal Ascot is the place to be.

Many who go to the meeting will spend the entire year planning their outfit, and how they are going to match their partners and others who are going in their party. While smaller meetings up and down the country are specifically for horse racing fans who want to enjoy the racing, Royal Ascot is not like that for most.

Instead, it is a social event where racing just happens to be taking place at the same time. The racing attracts people, but when they get there, it is one of many things about the meeting that makes it special and with so much going off, your day at Royal Ascot is only partly involving anything to do with racing.

The fashion aspect and getting together with friends at the meeting means that excitement lasts for months. You are not just turning up on the day, you are planning in advance, and building the excitement as you go.

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