Which Type of Dog Collar is Right For Your Dog?

Which Type of Dog Collar is Right For Your Dog

New dog? You may be wondering what type of dog collar is best to buy. It’s a given, by this point you should have already considered food, worming and vaccinations.

There are various designs and materials present on the market and it can become overwhelming when trying to find the right one out of hundreds of different designs. Some examples of the different types of dog collars on the market include, a traditional nylon or leather collar, spiked (on the outside for decoration), those that attach to a harness and a wide fitting to compliment a long slim neck. Some types will offer benefits for use, others will provide aesthetically pleasing qualities. Reading fi dog collar reviews can help you find the best option for your pup.

There are important steps to find out the right and appropriate collar for your dog. This collar will be linked with your canine’s whole life, so you have to buy the best one. These steps are:

  • Selecting the right material
  • Selection for use
  • Design

Choosing the best type of dog collar

You should first find out the best and most comfortable style for your pet. You have to give priority to comfort and find which type of style you want for your dog, whether it’s a stylish harness from somewhere like Fetching Ware or simply a buckle-type collar your dog needs. Just keep in mind whether you will use it for training or everyday use, walking, or identification? Some of the trending and effective styles for your pooch are given below: 

  1. Buckle collar

It is the simplest, cheapest, and the most common type of dog collar available in the market. It is a collar with a buckle and has holes in it for adjustment. It is true to say that it is like a human buckle belt. It is a perfect style for the dogs that wear it all the time. It is a bit comfortable and can provide protection and comfort to your pet. Leather is an essential material in this type. Other materials are nylon or different types of soft and sturdy material. It is available in almost all colours and sizes according to your dog.

There will be a place to clip a lead and security tag too.

  1. Quick-release collar

It is a quick-release collar and has a plastic or metal buckle on its leather. Both male and female buckle ends clip together in this type of dog collar. Generally, the buckle is responsible for holding it when your pooch pulls you or forces you forward. It is much comfortable to wear, and it will not do any damage to the neck or skin. It is easy for you to pull the buckle apart when adding pressure on each side. If it stuck on something and the dog pulled it with full power, it would ultimately come apart from the body. It also comes in almost every colour and it contains many materials like nylon and leather. It is the best choice for walking, holding, and training purposes.

  1. Safety collar

This type is usually a choke collar used for hunter dogs, military dogs, or dogs that have a larger and wider area to roam. When this type of dog collar gets stuck, it doesn’t bend and won’t choke them by and will not hurt the dog. This type is available in different colours, coatings, and materials like nylon or leather.

  1. Martingale

Martingale is a type of dog collar that is a combination of two types. It is a mixture of a flat buckle with a slip collar. It provides you with more control over your pet without the choking effect that a usual type produces. It is best for thin head breeds like a whippet. It combines the simplicity of a buckle with the efficiency of a slip collar. But the major problem is that it is limited to the tightness. It is a perfect choice for the training and pulling of canines. It can cause damage to the neck if the pooch pulls it hard.

  1. Dog harnesses

Generally, a harness is not a type, but still, it can be a good option for your friend. If your pet is powerful and can pull you easily, a harness is the best option as it redirects pressure of the shoulders and chest rather than the neck. Similarly if the dog has a sensitive or delicate neck, such as a pug, the harness will be by far the best collar. It puts pressure on the leash clip on the chest instead of on their neck. Due to this, it becomes much easier to control them and avoid any injury.

Choose the best material

Congrats. Your first step in choosing the best style is done. Now after finding a better style for your pooch, you should look for the best material from which that collar will be made. You should search out stuff for your best friend that has long durability, elasticity. They may have sensitive skin, so you have to find out the stuff that won’t exacerbate them. Some of the best, durable, and soft materials for it are given below:

  1. Nylon

Nylon is one of the most common materials that is used excessively for making pet’s items. Pet owners prefer it because it’s cheap, durable, non-allergic, and you can easily customize it into your favourite design and colour. Its softness and elasticity make it perfects for pets.

  1. Leather

Everyone knows that leather is a traditional material for these types of pet items. A dog looks very beautiful after wearing a collar made of leather. It also provides control over the pet. It is extra durable, waterproof, and is easy to wear. It also gets softer as time passes.

These are the two most important steps for buying a collar for your new friend. It would be best to choose the right one that suits your pet. It will not only help training your dog but also give your dog extra protection and loyalty.

No matter what type of dog collar you choose, be mindful to check it for wear and tear on a regular basis. Clips, thinking and buckles should be safely and securely attached to whatever material the dog collar is made of.

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