What are the most prestigious horse racing events in the UK?

Horses racing What are the most prestigious horse racing events in the UK?

Horse racing is hugely popular across the country, and has been a staple of human civilization for centuries.

Britain plays host to a number of high profile racing events, so here is a look at the cream of the crop for anyone planning a day at the races themselves.

1000’s of racegoers plan to attend horse racing events across the UK, and with a world renowned jam-packed calendar, there’s no better place to be to enjoy a day (or weekend) at the races.

Here we take a look at 5 of the most prestigious horse racing events the UK host each year.


The Most Prestigious Horse Racing Events

1.Royal Ascot

Typically taking place over four days, Royal Ascot is arguably the best known and most prestigious horse racing event of its kind, with the great and good often in attendance.

In terms of the race which earns the most attention, the Gold Cup takes that accolade. Having originally been introduced over 200 years ago, it is also the most venerable event to still be run to this day.

Of course you don’t need to get dolled up to visit Royal Ascot in person, because you can stay at home and place bets via new online casinos UK has to offer instead.

2.The Grand National

While the prestige of Royal Ascot is unquestionable, the Grand National is perhaps more globally popular, as well as being watched by millions of domestic viewers.

If you do decide to go to this event in the flesh, then you’ll be able to watch the competitors face off over the 4.5 mile course alongside tens of thousands of others.

It is not without its controversies, particularly because the intense nature of the obstacle-littered course can increase the chances of injuries occurring. Even so, it is a staple of the UK’s racing calendar, and part of the broader National Hunt event held each April.

3.Epsom Derby

Another long-standing prestigious horse racing event, the Epsom Derby has been taking place since the late 18th century, and with a current prize pool of over £1.5 million offered to race winners, it is also a potentially lucrative experience as well.

As with Royal Ascot, the horse racing is only part of the visitor experience, because it’s also an opportunity for attendees to get dressed up to the nines, and also let their hair down in idyllic surroundings.

So long as the June weather holds out, the Epsom Derby is always one to watch, with its unique and challenging course making for interesting outcomes.

4.Cheltenham Festival

Kicking off the annual racing calendar in style, the Cheltenham Festival is a particular hit with visitors and competitors from the UK and Ireland, and includes an impressive 28 races throughout its four day duration.

With action on the course and amazing exhibits, events and attractions off the course, it has so much to offer you even if horse racing is not a particular passion. Of course by the time you’ve experienced the adrenaline that comes with watching the Cheltenham Gold Cup race taking place, you’ll be hooked!

5.King George VI Chase

Unlike the events covered above, the King George VI Chase is a single race that is scheduled on Boxing Day each year and provides a welcome distraction during the seasonal festivities for racing fans whenever it is run.

Kempton Park is the place where this event is held, and while there is a wider festival that surrounds it, the chase is very much the hottest ticket.

The race itself covers a total distance of three miles, and has 18 obstacles for horses and riders to overcome. It is therefore not as grueling as the Grand National, but does do a good job of indicating which animals might be on top form for the coming 12 months.


So there you have it; a plethora of prestigious UK horse racing events to check out, whether you are a gambler, you just enjoy the drama or are an equine fan. From Royal Ascot or the Cheltenham Festival, no matter what horse racing event you’re hoping to attend this year you will, no doubt, have a fabulous time.

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