VetSpec Testimonial – Evie the Working Sheepdog Stays Calm and Focussed

Maggie McDevitt and Evie (4yr old Border Collie) at Delapre Park, Northampton on Sun 27th May 2018.

VetSpec Testimonial – Evie the Working Sheepdog Stays Calm and Focussed

VetSpec Product testimonial

Dog: Evie
Breed: Sheepdog (working)
Problem: Anxious, easily distracted and sensitive to noise

Anxious and easily distracted, working sheepdog Evie has been transformed thanks to a change in her diet. Owner of the four and a half-year-old Evie, Maggie Devitt noticed a change in her after just six weeks when moving her on to VetSpec Super Premium Dog Food.

Maggie has always had Border Collies and loves their drive and zest for life. When she lost her old collie, Maggie heard that Evie was available through her local vets.

She wasted no time and gave the farmer a call to go and see her on a very cold New Year’s Eve morning in 2013, a visit that saw her fall in love straight away and that was the start of their partnership.

Before feeding VetSpec, Evie was anxious and very distracted and very noise sensitive girl, with itchy skin problems.

“Once her concentration broke, it was very difficult to get her back on track, I used to feed my ponies TopSpec and their feed worked fabulously on my ponies so last year I called the VetSpec helpline for advice on what to feed Evie.”

said Maggie.

After calling the VetSpec helpline, Maggie was advised to use the VetSpec Calm & Focused Formula and started feeding them in Spring 2017.

“We noticed a difference within six weeks of her being fed on VetSpec. After starting her on VetSpec I quickly noticed that her attention and confidence grew, the itching stopped and she now has a fabulous glossy coat.”

Maggie was also delighted that they started winning their classes at dog shows as well, which was a real bonus.

They currently train with Rushden Dog Training Club and Maggie competes with Evie at Pre-Beginner and KC Good Citizen Special Pre-Beginner level.


Zero to Hero sums up Evie perfectly!


The duo competed at Crufts for their first-ever time and gained sixth place. Success has continued when qualifying very early in the season for the Crufts 2019 Semi Qualifying round to be held at Discover Dogs in October.

Evie has all four award levels of the Good Citizen Award Scheme which range from the Puppy Foundation right through to the highest level which is the Gold Award.

Evie is a wonderful, beautiful and smiley girl who just loves to please. I would never have achieved this success without making that important phone call. It has given us the opportunity to see what an amazing, loving, stress free family dogs she is,”

added Maggie.

Firework night is not a problem, nor is competing at big buzzy shows. I joined the local dog training club and have been bitten by the obedience bug ever since. Now that Evie is fed on VetSpec Calm & Focused Formulashe is a different dog. ”

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