3 Top Coolers Rugs for Horses

Cooler rugs for horses

Discover our 3 top cooler rugs for horses in our buyer’s guide below. Whether you’ve been competing, or simply want a rug to help cool your horse after exercise, coolers and fleeces are a must-have for any horse owner.

We’ve based our top 3 coolers on user reviews found on our affiliate partner sites, VioVet and Amazon, that we trust will provide you with goods that are true to description and of good value.

Why choose a horse cooler?

If you are a horse owner, chances are you’ll have, or definitely intend on buying, at least one cooler. Horse coolers can be on their own in the stable, as a travel rug and for cooling down a sweaty horse. They can also be worn as an under-rug when made of a slightly heavier material than a mesh. The ability to use one under another rug will depend on the material and overall design of the cooler, for example, to minimise the rug from slipping it should have a fillet string, two surcingles and a double fastening to the front. Others, featuring the one fastening at the front, with a single surcingle are often better when the horse only requires the cooler on for a short period.

Benefits of a cooler rug

Cooler rugs are available in a variety of weights which are better for use at different times of the year which is why it is worth having more than one. A heavier cooler is typically used in the winter, whereas a thin sheet or mesh type is for the summer.

Overall, there are many benefits to a cooler rug, these include:

  • Sweat/moisture-wicking properties

The sweat/moisture-wicking properties of a cooler rug benefit a horse after sweating up or getting wet, which may be after strenuous exercise, travel, bathing or rain. The sweat/moisture-wicking material found in cooler rugs serves two purposes – to help quickly remove sweat/water from the horse’s skin, and the second is to quickly dry out to prevent a chill.

  • Warmth on colder days;

Despite the name ‘cooler’, many rugs of this type can offer warmth too as they come in different weights, you may find these marked as fleeces or waffle type rugs. Waffle coolers are often the best choice for use during the winter as they offer versatility in terms of use as an under rug for additional warmth. Encouraging moisture wicking, while preventing the horse from becoming to cold due to its natural environment is typically the reason given for a heavier cooler.

  • Which can help prevent the horse from getting a chill

No matter what the occasion, the horse is likely to get a chill should it cool down too quickly, which can be caused by heat meeting cold/wet/damp conditions, while the horse’s body is overly warm. This may be following exercise, travel, excessive wettening from rain or bathing.

The combination of benefits available to the horse will depend on the rug type you choose.

Top Rated Cooler

Bucas Power Cooler Rug

Bucas Power Cooler Rug

A top-performing cooler rug from brand favourite, bucas. The Bucas Power Cooler comes with a selection of features you’d expect to find with a cooler rug and then some. Top features include a low friction outer to help prevent bedding from sticking to it, with stay-dry fabric to wick away sweat to ensure the horse remains dry. Shoulder darts help aid comfort while the horse is moving around, with a front overlap over the buckles to prevent snagging on haynets etc.

Can be used as an under-rug, ideal for all your horse’s cooling down needs!

Colour: Navy with silver binding

Weatherbeeta Scrim Cooler Standard Neck Sheet

Weatherbeeta Scrim Cooler Standard Neck Sheet - Blue with red and white binding.

A lightweight cooler rug ideal for spring or summer, the Weatherbeeta Scrim Coller is fitted with a hidden surcingle to secure around the belly, fillet string and wither pad. The one buckle closure at the front helps to remove quickly. The rug is made using Scrim, a finely woven cotton fabric that helps keep the horse cool by allowing for wicking away of sweat and moisture from the horse’s coat.

Suitable for use in the stable after exercise, on when travelling.

Sizes 3’0 – 7’3

Waffle rugs can help keep a horse warm and dry, while wicking away sweat in colder weather conditions.

Weatherbeeta Waffle Cooler Standard Neck

WeatherBeeta Waffle Cooler Standard Neck
WeatherBeeta Waffle Cooler Standard Neck

The WeatherBeeta Waffle Cooler Rug offers versatility with the option to use it as a cooler in colder weather, for travel or as an under-rug due to the secure front fastenings and the crossed surcingles. The waffle material wicks away moisture from the horse’s coat while keeping them warm and comfortable. The twin front closure is double-bound, helping prevent stretch over the shoulders.

Comes with wither protection, and a fillet string.

Available in sizes 3’0 – 7’3

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