Top Coolers and Fleece Rugs for Horses

Coolers and Fleece Rugs

Here we take a look at a selection of top fleece rugs and coolers for horses, and ponies which are ideal to use all year round.

Horse coolers, in particular fleece type rugs, prove verstile due to their many different uses. They can be worn under a rug, on their own in the stable, as a travel rug and for cooling down a sweaty horse. There's a selection of rugs that offer all of the above benefits, while others can be used only for a select few.

Our guide below bullet points important information that you need to know, and have no doubt considered, when it comes to  choosing a new rug for the desired purpose.

Barnsby Equestrian 270g Horse Fleece Cooler

Barnsby Equestrian 270g Horse Fleece Cooler

♦ 270g fleece pile
♦ Suitable for travelling, cooling or under-rug
♦ Anti-pill
♦ 210T chest lining
♦ Boa fleece wither
♦ Single front fastening
♦ Low cross surcingles

Sizes: 4'6 - 7'

Colour: Red

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LeMieux Carbon Cooler Rug Horse

♦ Lightweight
♦ Suitable before and after exercise
♦ Cross-woven nano fibre layers control airflow to cool
♦ Ergonomic cut
♦ Ideal to keep horses muscles warm inbetween classes
♦ Close weave mesh
♦ Not to be left on for extended periods
♦ Double front fastenings with clip and buckle
♦ Surcingles

Please note this rug is not designed as a outer stable rug. Horses should not be left for extended periods in the stable or over-night. The outer fabric is a breathable wicking material and not a rip-stop denier, therefore it can snag. However, this rug can be used as an under rug.

Sizes: 5' - 6-9

LeMieux Thermo Cool Rug Horse

♦ Climate control for horses
♦ Carbon nano fibre inner lining
♦ Soft close weave
♦ Thermo cool features
♦ Ideal for cooler days, travel, competitions and after exercise
♦ Removable belly straps
♦ Soft wool and acrylic blend fabric

Sizes: 5' - 7'

Bucas Shamrock Power Cooler Rug

♦ Breathable
♦ Lightweight
♦ Multifunctional rug - travel, stable, cool down, under-rug
♦ Two layers of Bucas stay dry fabric
♦ Anti-bacterial lining
♦ Classic cut and full neck option

Sizes: 4'3 - 7'

Weatherbeeta Scrim Cooler Standard Neck

♦ Lightweight
♦ Breathable
♦ Wicking - wicks moisture away from horse's skin
♦ Ideal for travel or cooling
♦ Single front closure
♦ Under sheet adjustable surcingle
♦ Tail cord
♦ Fleece wither protection

Sizes: 4' - 7'

Colours: Purple/Blue/Yellow (shown here) or Blue/Purple/Yellow

Weatherbeeta Fleece Cooler Standard Neck

♦ Warm
♦ Lightweight
♦ Anti-pill
♦ Nylon shoulders
♦ Ideal for travelling, after exercise, under rug, cooling down
♦ Wicking - wicks moisture away from horse's skin
♦ Twin front fastening, low cross surcingles
♦ Fillet string
♦ Matching accessories

Sizes: 4' - 7'

Colour: Shown here, grey plaid. Other options available

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