Top British Showjumper Diagnosed with Cancer

British Showjumping National Championships & Stoneleigh Horse Show from 8th – 13th August

Top British Showjumper Diagnosed with Cancer

British Showjumper, Tim Stockdale, has announced that he has been diagnosed with stomach cancer.

The showjumper initially raised concerns with his doctor about unusual weight loss, which resulted in a transfer to hospital for further investigation and his unfortunate diagnosis.

Stockdale  issued a statement on social media explaining that he will be taking a “break from riding”, due to the shock diagnosis;

It's important to focus on getting over this obstacle before we make plans for the future. “

Stockdale’s statement continued;

I would like to thank all of my owners and sponsors for their kind words and support during this difficult time.”

The social media statement has received over 2,000 comments of concern from the equestrian community and has been shared across Facebook nearly 9,000 times.

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It is yet unknown of the severity of the diagnosis, Tim commenting about the need for more tests.

For the moment, Stockdale will undergo chemotherapy, with doctors assessing the effect, before decisions on possible surgeries are made.


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