Tack Cleaning Tips

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Tack Cleaning Tips

Tack cleaning tips that will make sure your equipment is sparkling in no time!

As we return to competition and training, tack cleaning can not be just dusting off our saddles anymore! Not only do we need to ensure a brilliant shine on our tack, but hygiene is on our top priority list too!

Wash Thoroughly

Wash your tack thoroughly with plain, warm water before applying soap! Despite the name suggesting it will help lift grease and grime, saddle soap tends to contain a lot of leather conditioners which can trap dirt.

Using warm water should help dissolve grease and dirt before applying soaps and oils. With more stubborn dirt build-ups, a small amount of washing-up liquid may improve cleaning power. However, detergents can be harsh on leather, making it dull, brittle, and more likely to snap, so try to use warm water on its own if possible!

Allow To Dry

Allow your tack to dry before applying soaps, lotions, and oils. This will ensure the products you use on your tack are at their highest potency. Their qualities will continue to condition your tack instead of evaporating as the tack dries.

Use Separate Cloths

Using separate cloths for washing off, soaping, oiling, and polishing is another great tip for brilliant shine and condition. Using the same cloth through the process of tack cleaning and conditioning can mean you don’t get the full payoff for each individual product.

If you are cleaning lots of tack, use separate clothes for each new piece, too. Product build on your cloth may mean you won’t get the liberal and deep application you need for a great shine!

Tackle Metal Pieces Separately

Often overlooked, polishing the metal pieces of your tack can make the finishing touches to your horse’s turnout just as much as colour co-ordinating your horse’s accessories!

Work with specialised metal polish on metal pieces of your tacks, such as buckles, billet hooks and d-rings. A shimmer on a show-ready, snowy white horse and a twinkle against an intense, midnight black coat, the attention to detail will definitely pay off!

Prolong Time Between Cleaning

Cleaning tack is not only timely but strips the leather of its natural oils and can make it more prone to snapping if done too regularly! Therefore, we suggest prolonging the time between your tack cleaning by using saddle covers for riding and storage, and a bridle bag for storage.

This reduces the effect of the atmosphere, climate and pollutants on the condition of your tack and can also be handy during a time when rider hygiene has never been more important!

Still, under restrictions, riders need to be vigilant about their hygiene. This means that when sharing tack and equipment, it needs to be disinfected between each person’s use! However, disinfecting saddles and bridles multiple times can be time-inefficient and cause unnecessary wear and tear to equipment.

Therefore, if you need someone to jump on your horse, we recommend applying a new saddle cover before they mount. The saddle cover can then be removed and washed before you get back on, instead of disinfecting your saddle! Also, carrying a spare set of reins, which you can swap in between riders, or ensuring you wear gloves at all times, is useful to ensure rider hygiene.

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