Anna Pyrah returns to the Pure Feed Company in senior role


Anna Pyrah returns to the Pure Feed Company in senior role

Anna Pyrah returns to The Pure Feed Company as Sales Director from early February.  On leaving University where Anna graduated with a BSc she joined The Pure Feed Company learning her craft for four years before moving to join the sales team at Dodson and Horrell.

Anna now returns to The Pure Feed Company in a senior management role.

Commenting on her appointment John Calder of the Pure Feed Company said ‘We are delighted Anna is returning to lead our sales team.  Anna’s recent experience on the sales frontline will be invaluable in helping Pure Feed to continue our impressive growth pattern whilst developing new, robust and reliable routes to market. Anna knows the product range inside out and is fully in tune with the ethos and philosophy of the Company. This core knowledge will allow Anna to hit the ground running.

We are looking to Anna’s leadership and skills to spearhead the Companies growth in the next years of our exciting Journey.


Welcome home!’


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