TheraPlate UK Announce Results of Independent Clinical Trials

TheraPlate announce results
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TheraPlate UK have announced the results of two independent clinical trials, conducted by Mississippi State University. The studies investigate the effects of the Theraplate on muscle thickness and bone measurements of stable kept horses.

The Theraplate is an advanced therapy platform which uses patented Wave Vortex Therapy to support the body’s natural healing mechanism with zero vibration. The Theraplate harnesses a centrifugal force to support circulation, sports conditioning and rehabilitation.

The two studies investigated the effects of the Theraplate on four horses who used the Theraplate twice a day for 5 days a week and compared to four control horses, who were kept the same, but did not use the Theraplate.

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The first study investigated muscle thickness, measured using ultrasonography. Highlights of the results include a significant increase in muscle thickness, notably a 30.9% increase of the Extensor Carpi Radialis in treatment horses and an 8.9% increase of the Longissimus Thoracis, also in treatment horses – the control group which did not use the Theraplate, saw an 8.4% decrease of this muscle. The Longissimus Lumborum also presented a 7.7% increase, compared to just 2.9% in control horses. Both the Longissimus Thoracis and Longissimus Lumborum muscles are associated with supporting the thoracic and lumbar regions, which are greatly relied upon for equine athletes.

The second study focused on the effect of the Theraplate on certain bone parameters. Measurements of the Cannon Bone found that horses in the treatment group had an increased nutrient foramen thickness and circumference compared to the control group. An enlargement in nutrient foramen thickness can enhance nutrient blood flow to the distal limb, as well as offering other benefits associated with bone density and health. Interestingly, the percentage area change of the cannon bone for the control group decreased by 30%, whereas the treatment group remained the same.


With an aim to support equine performance and wellbeing, the findings of these two studies promise to further inform effective sports conditioning, recovery and rehabilitation of equine athletes. Dominic Fox, Director of TheraPlate UK, said:

The findings of these independent studies are extremely interesting and will help to further revolutionize equine performance and rehabilitation. This is just the beginning for Theraplate, the findings of these studies are completely unbiased and independently conducted, but fully substantiate many years of anecdotal evidence from customers across the globe”

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