The Ultimate Summer Hoof Care Essentials

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Summer Hoof Care Essentials

Here are the summer hoof care essentials you need for the season! With the summer sun shining, the ground becomes hard and dry, much like our horse’s hooves! To keep hooves in tip-top condition for the summer showing season, owners search high and low for an array of magical ointments which will replenish hoof health. However, look no further as Cavalor has the ultimate trio of summer hoof care essentials to see you right through the season!

For Protection…

Cavalor SoleMate

Cavalor SoleMate is a paste that you put onto the bottom of the hooves. The paste functions as a cushion and help provide protection from the hard summer ground.

It has been specially designed for use on the frog and sole, where your horse may suffer harsh concussive forces to the hoof. SoleMate is perfect for every occasion, from a happy hack to an intense 3-day event.

A combination of Epsom Salts, Arnica, Iodine and Pine Tar, the ingredients all help to maintain the right moisture balance in the hoof. So not only does SoleMate provide the perfect summer protection, it also helps to promote healthy hoof growth.


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Cavalor - Sole Mate
Cavalor – SoleMate

For Condition…

Cavalor Podo Guard

Cavalor PodoGuardhoof oil is a unique blend of nourishing and essential oils. Penetrating deep into the hoof, application of this easy-to-use oil results in great hoof condition.

As summer see the onset of the seasonal hoof problem, dehydration, PodoGuard creates the ideal moisture balance to keep hooves in quality condition. It’s a grooming kit essential for the optimal summer hoof care routine!

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Cavalor - PodoGuard
Cavalor – PodoGuard

For Hygiene…

Cavalor Dry Feet

However, knowing the British summer, it’s not all sun, sun, sun, as we experience our fair share of rain too! The British summertime creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, as the temperature becomes warmer and the ground damp. That’s where Cavalor Dry Feet saves the day!

Dry Feet makes the hoof a less hospitable environment for bacteria thanks to the combination of different active ingredients. The ingredient, Glutaraldehyde has a drying and hardening effect, while Benzalkonium chloride makes sure the product sticks to the hoof for longer.

With damp weather, Thrush becomes a very common occurrence. The bacterial infection that occurs on the hoof of a horse, specifically in the region of the frog, is prominent even in the cleanest of feet, so BEWARE!

Thanks to the useful spray bottle, the liquid can reach the deep clefts on the sole. By making the hooves hard and dry, oxygen will find its way back to the area close to the frog, which will cause the death of the bacteria and maintain healthy hooves in summer, right through until winter!

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Cavalor - DryFeet
Cavalor – DryFeet

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